I am a full time working mother.  I am starting this blog as part of my way of releasing stress.  About a year ago, I discovered the joy of listening to audiobook.  To be specific, I start to like Chinese audiobook.  Though I understand Chinese but I could not read Chinese.  I probably know about 100 Chinese characters.  If I were to read a Chinese book, it will take me ages to finish the book with a dictionary by my side.  Listening to audiobook is a fantastic way for me to escape into my imagination without straining my eyes with the limited free time that I have.  I can multi-task too.

Before I discovered the audiobook, I went to  to pick the English translated books.   Since the translation was done by the bloggers, sometimes it takes a long time for them to complete and you are left half way hanging trying to find out the ending and wish that the blogger will complete the translation soonest possible.  The next option is to use Google translate the Chinese book into English and try to figure out the remaining of the story.  I completed a few of these Chinese novel via audio book instead of waiting in pain for the blogger to finish their translation.

I am starting this blog to share my review on the audiobooks that I have listened before.



3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’m so like you! My Chinese is like second grade level but I hate Google translate lol. Audio books are like a gift from heaven for me and it helps me not to get thicker glasses. I’ve become a big fan of the voice actor 云天河 and basically following all his work right now. 啊手and 任小邪 are really awesome too. I think I’ve gotten too spoiled by good voices that it’s hard to go back to reading female-only audio books. Sadly my favorite books 曾许诺 and 长相思 don’t have male voices!!!

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      • I’m with you. I can understand simple Chinese but can’t read. I recently found your site and am now enjoying the audiobooks, one by one. Thank you for your website with your recommendations. Much appreciated.

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