残音 (Chan Yin)


No of Episodes: 28

Author: 稻芽 (Dào Yá)

Multiple Voices: 子衿陌,朱骁, 唐僧, 蜗牛, 流云,  智洋雨飞, 玖玖, 形体旅行社, 苍山大叔, 疏临, 潸然,  姝艾, 朱骁,  伍壹先生(Zi Jīn Mò, Zhū Xiāo, Tang Seng, Wo Niu, Liu Yun, Zhi Yang Yu Fei, Jiu Jiu, Xíng Tǐ Lǚ Xíng Shè, Cāng Shān Dà Shū, Shū Lín, Shān Rán, Shu Ai, Zhu Xiao, Wu Yi Xian Sheng)

Audiobook        Ebook


I stopped at episode 4, six months ago.   The story seems quite sad and I went straight to the last episode to check it out.  I was reluctant to continue when I found out that it has a sad ending.   It was only recently that I decided to go back to finish some of the audiobooks that I gave up halfway and this is one of them.   ML in this story is really a baddie and cruel towards FL and all I can say is “served you right” for losing FL’s love at last.  After I heard the epilogue, I decided to tag this an open ending instead of sad ending.


FL (Han Yin) is an orphan.  ML (Ye Zhan Xing) took FL in and taught her martial arts and made her one of his trusted followers.  FL had a crush on ML since young and want to be ML’s lover.  FL has a cruel streak in her as well that she got rid of all the women that ML slept with.

FL begged ML to sleep with her.  FL rejected the contraceptive medicine the next morning without ML’s knowledge.   Not long after that, ML brought back a mysterious girl and from then on, everything changed for FL.   ML prevented any of his followers from entering his private quarters and he spent time and effort to find an antidote to save this woman.  ML was very different towards this mysterious girl who worries FL.  When ML found FL to cross his boundary questioning the girl’s importance in his heart, ML was very angry with FL.  He decided to give FL to another man.  FL was sad and disappointed and decided to destroy her own look just to stop ML from giving her away.

Leng Jian, another follower of ML loves FL for as long as FL loves ML.  He asked ML to give FL to him as his wife instead of giving her to another man.   ML rejected Leng Jian’s suggestion.

FL met the mysterious girl at last.   The girl was her sister (Fei Xue).  ML was surprised at first and then an idea came up.  ML’s expression frightened FL.

A few days later, ML asked for FL.  When FL saw the snakes that ML was holding, she knew her nightmare has begun. ML wanted to use FL to find an antidote for Fei Xue.  FL told ML that she was pregnant with his child but ML told her that he never wanted her child.  It was her choice for not taking the contraceptive medicine.  ML broke FL’s heart.

Leng Jian was purposely sent away for a mission by ML.  When he returned to Ming Hun Dian and saw FL, he was very sad.  Leng Jian told FL that she did not lose her baby but he was not sure whether the baby will be born healthy.  FL told Leng Jian that she has never hated Fei Xue.  Fei Xue’s mum was the main queen and FL’s mum was only a concubine and her mum died when she was very young.  FL was forgotten by her dad, the Emperor.  Fei Xue was the emperor’s favourite. When a witch asked for a royal daughter as a sacrifice, they replaced Fei Xue with FL.  FL told Leng Jian that everyone wanted to protect Fei Xue and no one bothers whether FL was dead or alive. FL envied Fei Xue for having the loves of her dad and ML.  FL said she now regretted her decision.

Xue Zhen, another subordinate of ML brought back another deathly poison called Wu Que.  ML hesitated to feed Wu Que to FL after he overheard the conversation between FL and Leng Jian about FL’s past.  ML also worried whether FL’s body can handle the deathly poison.

Xue Zhen went to see FL and gave her two choices which were either to leave or to die.  FL decided to leave because she knew once ML feed her Wu Que, she will lose her baby.  Unfortunately, ML managed to catch up with her.  When FL was standing near the cliff and begged ML for a chance to live.  Once again, ML told FL that she has no right to conceive his child.  FL realised at last that the only way she can live on is after her baby dies.   FL jumped into the ravine.  When ML saw that, he immediately used his xian power to prevent FL from falling hard to the ground.

ML instructed his subordinates to look for FL in the ravine.  On another hand, Tian Di in heaven saw the xian power that ML used.  Tian Di said ML would not be able to escape his own fate.  ML was a traitor and he has hidden from the heaven for many years.

Gu Ning Xiang is a brothel’s owner.  When GNX found FL unconscious on the road, she saved her and brought her back to her brothel. GNX pitied FL and asked FL to stay on since she has no family and place to go.

6 months later….

FL gave birth to a baby boy that she named Ye Yu Heng.  FL’s poison attacks are getting more and more frequent.  FL knew she will not live long.  FL was appreciative of GNX’s help as GNX treated her as a sister.  FL changed her name back to San Lo Xue.  In order to repay GNX, FL works as a Gu Zheng performer in the brothel.

Ye Yu Heng was also poisoned with Ze Lian Bing Xue just like his mother.  GNX asked an old friend Chu Ran who was also known as Miraculous Doctor to treat them.  Chu Ran managed to save Ye Yu Heng.  Chu Ran could not save FL as her condition has turned deathly.  But GNX still forced Chu Ran to look for ways to save FL.

Leng Jian found FL after 2 years.   ML will find FL soon.   FL wanted to leave but GNX insisted FL stay on despite the dangers that she will bring.  A few months later, ML found them.  ML took FL, their son and GNX back to his place.   Chu Ran went to see ML.  ML said he will release GNX if Chu Ran managed to save FL.  Chu Ran suggested a risky treatment procedure.

A year ago, ML used his xian power to save Fei Xue when she was about to die.   This is a thorn in FL’s heart as it proves that ML loves Fei Xue very much.  ML did not understand why he can have sex with other women but has no sexual feelings towards Fei Xue. Somehow, something is telling him that Fei Xue is very important to him.  ML decided to marry Fei Xue to give her a formal status and power over his other women.

FL did not understand why she still loves ML despite how he has hurt her.  One day Xue Zhen came to see FL to tell her that ML will marry Fei Xue soon.  The wedding has been postponed because Fei Xue has gone missing.  When ML came to see FL, she asked ML to release her since he will be marrying soon.  ML refused and spent every night at FL’s chamber.

3 months later….

ML’s followers brought Fei Xue back with another man.  Fei Xue went to ask FL’s help to save Chu Fang, a thief that she felt in love with.  Fei Xue confessed that she has never loved ML because she was never jealous when she sees ML with other women.  FL refused to help Fei Xue as Fei Xue was the seed to all her unhappiness.

Fei Xue confessed to ML instead.  In anger, ML took off  Fei Xue’s clothes wanting to rape her.  Fei Xue fainted and ML saw the birthmark on Fei Xue’s body.  He slowly understands why Fei Xue was important to him.  She is the key for him to return to heaven.

GNX asked FL to save Chu Fang who is a brother to Chu Ran.  When ML got to know that Fei Xue and Chu Fang have escaped, he took his anger out of FL.  FL killed herself to release herself from the pain of loving ML.  ML regretted what he did and go to the Heaven to ask Tian Di to revive FL.  Tian Di agreed with the condition that ML cancels his plan to destroy Heaven.  Tian Di told ML that after FL is revived, she will no longer have any emotion towards any man following her death wish.  ML accepted the condition as he believes that his love is enough for both.

FL has turned immortal like ML and her hair has also turned white.  FL asked Leng Jian to marry her to compensate for the love that Leng Jian has for her.  ML found them and he persuaded FL to give him a chance.  FL refused.  When Leng Jian saw how much ML did for FL, his heart went soft and then asked ML to replace him to marry FL without FL’s knowledge.  FL found out after they went through the ceremony.

FL told ML that she will wait and see how long ML will last being with a woman who no longer loves him.

10 years later….

A maid called Lan Ke begging in front of FL to allow her to become ML’s concubine and to keep the baby in her womb.  One night after ML argued with FL, he got drunk and slept with Lan Ke.  It was tough loving a woman for 10 years knowing she will never return his love.   ML fully understands how FL felt many years ago for loving him.  When ML got to know that Lan Ke was pregnant, he forced Lan Ke to abort the baby.

FL did not say anything to Lan Ke but turned to ML to say that your love for me only last 10 years.  FL left and settled down in the north.   ML continued to follow her and built himself a small hut opposite FL’s house.

One day, ML came to see FL to tell her that he is leaving.  He is going on a mission and does not know when he will return.  If he is successful, Tian Di has agreed to revive FL’s emotion.




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