梦三生.浮世花 (Meng San Sheng. Fushi Hua) – Illusions of Flower


No of Episodes: 98

Author: 云狐不喜 (Yún Hú Bù Xǐ)

Female Voice: 为何 (Wei He)



I downloaded the LRTS apps on my mobile and picked this story which I have not seen on Ximalaya.   The story ends at episode 90. The rest are just epilogues on the side characters and interviews with each of the characters which are waste of times.


FL (Hai Tang/Du Xiao Er) is a wandering spirit living in the after world for many years.  FL has forgotten her past and all she remembered was her own name.  One day, FL suddenly gets a chance to live again taking over a girl’s body called Du Xiao Er. Du Xiao Er is the only daughter of a small governor that passed away.  Her father’s associate pitied her and arranged for her to enter the palace.  FL was given the title Chai Ren (low-grade position).   FL wanted to live her life in peace and got her wish when she sent to live in a remote courtyard next to an abandoned palace called Mi Goong.  FL thought she will get the entire courtyard herself and surprised to see another Chai Ren called Ru Hua was also assigned to stay there.   Ru Hua shared the same views as FL.  Ru Hua only wants to make enough money to support her mother and hopefully, in a few years, she will be allowed to return home.  FL and Ru Hua became good friends and they started to do some small trading by selling makeup to the palace maids and consorts.

The Emperor (ML) was surprised to see two girls staying at the courtyard next to Mi Goong.   FL and Ru Hua have kept a low profile but this meeting has started to change their lives.

When FL found ML (Xiao Qiang) injured in front of her courtyard, she tried to save ML.  ML asked FL to keep his injury a secret and commanded FL to stay with him to change his wounds dressing every day.  Everyone thought FL has become ML’s favourite without knowing that she only slept on the floor.  ML will kill FL when he no longer needed her. ML fed FL a slow dying poison (He Tai Yi) by ML after FL bumped into a crazy consort at Mi Goong.

ML and his uncle (Xiao Zhu) met outside the palace and he brought FL along.   Xiao Zhu presented Chen Han, a princess from a neighbouring country.  ML brought Chen Han back to the palace and made her into a royal consort.  Chen Han became very close with FL.

ML, Chen Han and FL poisoned during a dinner.  It was a coincidence that FL treated with a drug called Da Xi Ning that cleared the poison during the dinner as well as the He Dai Yi that ML fed her earlier.

Chen Ping, who is the twin brother of Chen Han came to Da Yue country for an official visit.  ML and Chen Ping negotiated and agreed on a plan to conquer the countries around them.  When FL saw Chen Ping, she shuddered.   FL realised that the previous Du Xiao Er seems to have lots of secrets.  FL remembered a warning from Shi Piau Ling (SPL) about her past.  Although she can sense SPL’s hostility, SPL has never harmed her.  but she can sense a dangerous threat from Chen Ping.  Xiao Zhu loves FL.  SPL was Xiao Zhu’s staff and she purposely entered the palace to guard FL against harm.

ML brought Chen Han, FL and Xiao Yuan on a trip.  Xiao Yuan is ML’s only son by Fang Gui Fei.  ML fed FL the He Tai Yi poison again and he predicted that FL will die on the trip.  But FL did not die because FL took a pill given to her by Xiao Zhu.   ML started to wonder the relationship between Xiao Zhu and FL.

They stopped at Chen Country.  They met with Chen Lia, Chen Han’s brother.  Chen Han has known from very young that she will be a pawn used by her brothers for a political marriage.  Chen Han asked to kill ML but she ignored the instruction as ML treated her very well and even better than her own siblings.

ML brought them to meet with Su He, the governor of Bai Yu Jing.  Bai Yu Jing is a mysterious city.   According to rumour, the city governed by a spirit.   Xiao Yuan and Chen Han abducted by Su He.  Su He used Xiao Yuan to threaten ML to retreat from attacking Bai Yu Jing but ML refused.  ML was almost successful until Su He set a spell to flood the place that they stayed.  ML and FL have washed away.

Both ML and FL got injured.  They waited for Da Yue soldier to look for them.  Before the soldier came, FL has an attack from the He Tai Yi poison.  Zhao Ting, a general from Su Yue country found them instead.   Zhao Ting was Xiao Zhu’s master and he knows about medicine.  He was the creator of He Dai Yi poison and the Da Xing Ning antidote.  Zhao Ting told ML that he ran out of  Da Xing Ning and it will take time and lots of different ingredients to create it again. ML and Zhao Ting made a pact in exchange for the antidote.

They met with Hua Zhu Ye (HZY), an interesting character from Su Yue Country.  HZY likes FL and kept pestering FL to marry him.  He even followed FL and ML back to Da Yue Country.   The Da Yue Empress Dowager took control when ML was missing.  During that time, Chen Han rescued but Xiao Yuan was still being imprisoned in Bai Yu Jing.   Chen Ping has tried to abduct FL but failed and managed to escape.

After ML and FL returned to the palace, due to the conflict with the Chen country, ML seconded Chen Han at Li Palace away from the main palace.  One night, ML received a box from Su He.  In the box was Xiao Yuan’s thumbs.  Su He made Xiao Yuan a cripple.   FL tried to console ML.  FL told ML she has no idea why Chen Ping wanted to abduct her.  FL confessed that she loves ML and not Xiao Zhu.

ML moved FL to Li Palace.  ML used both women as a pawn to see what Chen Ping would do and those in the palace.  FL poisoned.  Rumour spread around the palace that FL has gone insane.  FL continued to act insane to trick Cheng Ping to see her. At the same time, Yu Shu Fei in the palace also plotted to frame FL with adultery charges by sending a message to HZY to go see FL.

Chen Ping came as planned.  From the meeting, FL got to know that Du Xiao Er had threatened Chen Ping in the past to make her a Wang Fei otherwise, she will tell ML everything she knows of Chen Ping’s future plan.  This instigated Chen Ping to kill Du Xiao Er.  FL saved by ML and Chen Ping captured at last.

FL had a dream about her past.  After she woke up, she remembered everything. FL is the real Du Xiao Er and not Lin Hai Tang.  When she was 7 years old, her dad brought her to Bai Yu Jing for a soul experiment.  Her soul forced out of her body into another dimension.  The experiment failed and to keep her body, they invited another soul from a recent demise royal consort called Lin Hai Tang to live in her body.  Her dad took FL back to Xiao Zhu mansion giving the excuse that FL was sick and he needed to go on an assignment where it was not suitable to bring FL along.  In Xiao Zhu mansion, there was an item that can help to settle the new soul in FL’s body.   After Chen Ping killed Du Xiao Er, FL went back to her body but she lost her memories.  All that she remembered was the remnants of Lin Hai Tang’s memories, hence she thought her name was Lin Hai Tang.

Someone set fire at Mi Palace.  ML used the opportunity to move the crazy consort (Han Consort) out but abducted by the Empress Dowager.  All the clues directed at Fang Gui Fei and ML took the opportunity to get rid of the Fang Dui Fei and the Fang Clan.  ML used to love Fang Gui Fei when they first got married.  ML protected her and even planned to make their son the crown prince.  However, he became disappointed when Fang Gui Fei turned cruel, killed his child with the Empress, and stopped his other wives from conceiving.

ML told the Empress Dowager, who came from the Fang Clan that he needed to get rid of the Fang Clan to stabilise his ruling.  ML also knows that Han Consort was his biological mother.  The Empress Dowager agreed to let go of her power to allow ML to take full control of the empire.

ML went to see FL and told that she has gone to Mi Goong to look for clues to find Ru Hua, who went missing with Han Consort during the fire.  FL walked into a trap set by Su He.  Su He and the elders at Bai Yu Jing set a magic web to capture FL’s soul.  FL’s soul forced out from her body to enter into another dimension where she can see the past, present and the future.  FL heard a voice from a girl to tell her to fight Su He in this dimension.  FL follow the girl’s advice and managed to defeat Su He.  FL’s soul returned to her body.

When FL woke up, she was in ML’s arm.  ML did not question when FL did not say anything.  HZY persuaded FL to go to Su Yue country.  There was a was a mysterious place where time is on standstill.  This will help to stop the He Dai Yi poison from attacking her while waiting for the antidote.  FL refused and wanted to stay on with ML until her last day.  Their conversation was overheard by ML.  FL only has 1 more year to live.

6 months later….

FL promoted to Xian Fei.   The empress dowager decided to go to the mausoleum to spend the remaining of her life.  Before she leaves she was still worried about ML.  She invited ML and FL for a farewell dinner.  During the dinner, she asked ML who fed FL the He Dai Yi poison.  ML went pale as the empress dowager knew about his secret.  FL answered for ML.  FL said she has forgiven ML and still loves him.  ML surprised and felt extremely guilty when he heard that.   FL questioned the empress dowager’s intention of bringing up this matter.  The empress dowager said FL is ML’s weak point and FL has started to influence ML’s decision.  The empress dowager worried that ML might be hurt by FL and used a pawn by ML’s enemy.  ML told his mother that it was already too late.  He has fallen in love too deeply with FL.  ML told FL that he has decided to get FL to leave with HZY as he wants a longer time with FL.

ML asked FL to follow HZY to the mysterious place in Su Yue Country.  ML wants a longer time with FL.



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