我们都美好且值得被爱 (Wo Men Dou Mei Hao Qie Zhi De Bei Ai)


No Episodes: 23

Author: 刘文 (Liu Wen)

Multiple Voices: 夜凉、文修、墨千临 (Yè Liáng, Wén Xiū, Mò Qiān Lín)

Audiobook     Ebook


12 short stories but most ended sadly.  You can guess reading the title if you understand Chinese.


悸动 (Ji Dong) – Throbbing

FL was very good in her study but she also a loner and did not have many friends.  ML and FL were schoolmates and they went to the same English tuition.  Both likes each other.  ML’s mother accused FL of distracting ML from concentrating on his study.  ML’s mother was a nutcase after ML’s father left her.   Since that incident, FL and ML no longer talked to each other.  Many years later, FL attended an ex-schoolmates gathering and heard that ML’s dad has sent him to study overseas.  FL sent a MMS to ML and received a reply.   ML left a message at FL’s home many years ago after the incident requested for a meeting but FL did not turn up.  ML’s message sent wrongly to another apartment unit below FL’s house.  Not too long after that, there was news about a plane crash.  It was just fate that they cannot be together.

初恋 (Chui Lian) – First Love

ML (A Fei) is a 40-year-old man who works as a Trainer in a gym and likes to ride his bike.  FL (San San) is a young woman diagnosed with critical illness.  FL’s parents worked in Hong Kong to support FL’s medical expenses.  FL lives with her grandmother.   In FL’s eyes, ML is like a hero saving the world.  FL was different from all the girls that ML knew before.  ML’s mother left his father when he was young and he has never treated any women well.  ML used women for his sexual release.   When FL hospitalised, she forbade ML to visit her.  ML went to see her after he could not withstand the loneliness of not seeing FL.  FL passed away at last.  The story ended with ML travelling the world on his bike with FL’s photo.

牵手 (Qian Shou) – Hand in Hand

FL (Sia Ying Ying) studied in Hong Kong.  One day, while she was eating her noodle, a Caucasian man called Anthony (ML)  asked her for road direction.  ML is a student from overseas working on his project paper in Hong Kong.   They slowly got to know each other and fall in love.  FL came from a poor family and her mother has high hopes for her.  FL wanted to enter the financial industry hoping to make enough money to buy a house and arranged for her mother to move to Hong Kong eventually.  Even though FL is a top student, she has not received any job offer.  FL asked a classmate (Andy) for help.  This classmate’s father is the GM of a French Investment Bank.  Andy was not serious in helping FL and only wanted to sleep with her.  FL realised that the financial industry is not suitable for her and decided to pursue the creative line instead.   The story ended with ML leaving Hong Kong and asked FL not to wait for him.  ML advised FL not to let go if she finds someone who loves her more than him or treats her better than him.

拥抱 (Yong Bao) – Embrace

Annie is FL’s university mate.  FL envied Annie as she is very popular with the boys and she is also very pretty.   One day, FL saw Annie’s face was swollen and cried in the toilet.  Annie told FL about her relationship with an investment banker.  The man has many girlfriends around the world.  Annie was just one of them.  After that incident in the toilet, FL and Annie became good friends.  Not too long after that, Annie fell in love again.  This time, it is a painter from Morocco.  Annie wanted to marry this painter and convert to Islam.  Of course, her parents objected and threatened to disown her if she marries the man.  Annie flew to Morocco to be with her boyfriend. One day, FL received a call from Annie.  Annie told FL that she has separated from her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend’s mother insisted that he marries a local girl.  Annie could not find a job there and her boyfriend also would not be able to find a job in Hong Kong.  Annie said they still love each other but when reality kicks in and they decided to live their lives separately.

再见 (Zai Jian) – Goodbye

ML is a Korean and FL called him Old Kim.  They met when they were in Taiwan.  Both were travelling alone and decided to share a car due to budget constraint.  After they left Taiwan, they went back home and did not keep in touch.   After graduation, FL travelling alone to Sabah.  When she got there, the local guide told her that there was a handsome Korean man who was also travelling alone and perhaps they should meet.  FL agreed and when she saw ML, both surprised to see each other.  After the Sabah trip, they kept in touch with each other.  They became each other confidante.   FL became ML’s travelling companion and they have travelled to many places.  FL knows that one day their travelling together will end.  ML told FL that he wants to go to South America before he turns 30.  After that, he will resign from his job in the travel agency and look for a higher paid job.  ML said it was time for him to settle down.  Just before they left for South America.  ML called FL to cancel the trip.   ML told FL that he is getting married. FL left her job in Hong Kong, threw away all her travel mementoes and went back to China.  FL married a Chinese man, who does not like to travel.  One day, FL and ML got in touch with each other.  ML told FL that he has a girlfriend for many years.  His girlfriend does not like to travel hence he travels on his own.  He cancelled the South America trip after his girlfriend accepted his marriage proposal.  ML wanted to give FL a proper farewell in South America but it did not happen.  ML apologised that he has misled FL to think that they could have a future together.

成长 (Cheng Zhang) – Growing Up

FL met a woman called Emma during her dancing class. Emma is a very sexy woman and popular with the male classmates.  One day, Emma told FL about Nico.  Emma is a nurse working in a hospital and Nico is a cardiac surgeon and older than Emma. Nico is not handsome but he treated Emma very well.  Although Nico was not the prince charming that Emma envisioned but she slowly fell in love with Nico.  Emma puts everything into their relationship and started to pay less attention to her dancing.   One day, Emma called FL.  Emma said Nic has started to change after she slept with him.   Nic was cheating on Emma.  Emma started to change after she broke up with Nic.   Emma started dating again with all kinds of men.  Emma gave up on true love and enjoyed herself after she found that the men only wanted was her body.  FL continued her dream as a dancer.  One day, FL heard that Emma got into trouble with her new boyfriend.  Emma’s boyfriend used Emma’s naked photos to extort money from Emma.  Emma was under a lot of stress and made a mistake during her work and subsequently sacked by the hospital.  Emma only got her freedom when her boyfriend was arrested.  Emma told FL that she was proud of FL after she saw FL’s dancing performance.  Emma slowly pulls herself together and goes back to join the dancing class.

欺骗 (Qi Pian) – Deceive

The story started with ML (Kyle) meeting FL in a café to tell her his story.  Kyle is a 50 plus French man and FL is an author.  ML and a woman called Monica’s credit cards were accidentally swapped by a shopkeeper.  A few days later ML received a call from Monica asked to meet up to swap their cards.  Monica said she has already used ML’s card to pay for her shopping and wanted to pay ML back.  When ML look at his credit card statement, he saw that Monica was shopping at the high-end retail shop.  He started to imagine that Monica could be the one true love that he has waited for and excited to meet her.  ML wanted to sleep with Monica but yet suspicious of her background.  ML said he was turned off after he found Monica not shaving her armpits. The story ended with FL laughing after hearing the story.  When FL was preparing to leave, ML stopped FL and asked why she never gave him a chance.  FL said if they were to start a relationship, they may end up like him and Monica.  ML wanted her just because he has never gotten her yet.

蜕变 (Tui Bian) – Metamorphosis

FL joined a Latin dance lesson to get close to Tony.  Tony is a 30 year top Executive in her company.  All the girls in her office attracted to Tony.   After FL started her lesson, her interaction with Tony seems to increase slightly.  Nikolai is FL’s dance instructor and he likes FL.  Nikolai knew that FL likes Tony.  FL wanted a chance to dance with Tony and did not want to waste the last 3 years learning dancing. Nikolai told FL that he will help her.  Her dreams came through at last.  FL gets to dance with Tony in their company function.  Nikolai gave FL a pair of red shoes for her to wear during the performance and regretted that he will not see her dance that day.  Nikolai left for a business trip to NY. During the dance, FL did not feel her heart flutter as before.  After the function, FL went to Tony’s house.  FL was very anxious when she gets intimate with Tony.  They did not continue after Tony senses FL’s unwillingness.  While Tony was taking a shower, FL saw a message on Tony’s phone that her colleague is coming over to spend the nite with Tony.   FL was hurt and left Tony’s home.  FL knew it was not true love with Tony.  Nikolai came back from New York and told his students he wanted to share his new dance steps with them.  One of his student (Chen Lu) has started a dancing school and took away half of Nikolai’s students.  Tony invested into Cheng Lu’s school and became one of the instructors.  Nikolai’s business started to deteriorate that forced him to move to a smaller centre. FL rejected an offer to join Chen Lu giving the excuse of not wanting to meet with Tony.  FL stayed on with Nikolai and became his only supporter.

独 立 (Du Li) – Independant

FL (An Shin) works in an investment bank.  4 years ago, she split with her boyfriend (Zhang Yi).  Zhang Yi was not an ambitious man.  He even rejected a high-income job offer just because the job requires him to travel.  Zhang Yi did not want to leave FL alone in Hong Kong.  FL noticed that she and Zhang Yi slowly drifted apart.  Zhang Yi contented with what he has meanwhile FL wanted more.  Hence, FL asked for a separation and moved out from their home.  In the next 4 years, FL focused on her career.  But it did not bring her happiness.   FL often dreamt of Zhang Yi and their lives before.  As a result, FL often has insomnia.  She relied on sleeping pills until her doctor has stopped prescribing it.  FL found a website for people with similar problem.  FL wanted to find someone like Zhang Yi that she can hug and sleep.  FL met Li Cha De via the website.  One day, she received a wedding invitation from Zhang Yi.  FL regretted that she used to blame Zhang Yi for lagging behind but in reality, it was the opposite.   She destroyed her own true love.  FL meet with Li Cha De once a month.  They go for movie, karaoke, dinner, play video games and then clubbing.  After that, they will check into a hotel and chat throughout the night until they fall asleep.  The next day, both will leave for work as if nothing happens.  They will contact each other when either one could not sleep.   One day, Li Cha De called FL to meet at his house.  When FL walked into Li Cha De’s home, she saw photos of Li Cha De with another woman.  Li Cha De looks very much alive in the photos.  While watching a video, they started to get intimate but they stopped halfway as both know that it will not stop their loneliness.  FL asked Li Cha De why he called.  Li Cha De said it was his ex-wife’s death anniversary and he did not want to be alone.  Li Cha De told FL that before his divorce, his wife wanted him to resign and settle down in Japan but Li Cha De refused and wanted to pursue his career.  Hence they got divorced.  They continued to keep in touch with each other and one day, it suddenly stopped.  Li Cha De flew to Japan and found out that his ex-wife died in a car accident.  Li Cha De has the money and time now but no one to spend it with.  The next day, FL decided to start anew.  She advised Li Cha De to do the same too.  FL started to see a psychiatrist and closed her account on the website.

懂得 (Dong De) – Know

FL went to see her good friend, Annie.  Annie is a very smart girl and popular with the boys.  But Annie is not very lucky in love.  Annie looks like a tough career woman but in reality, she is like a little girl.  Annie fell in love with a painter called Hu An.  In FL’s eyes, Hu An was totally not suitable for Annie. Hu An is from Morocco and he is not highly educated, has no career or money.   Annie told FL she wants to marry Hu An and arranged him to come to Hong Kong.  Annie begged FL to help Hu An to look for a job.  Annie sacrificed a lot for Hu An.  She even moved to an expensive apartment located near the art galleries for Hu An to meet other artists.  After Hu An came to Hong Kong, the relationship between Annie and FL started to get strained.   One day, Annie called FL and asked whether she can stay overnight.  Annie told FL that she has separated from Hu An.  Annie found naked photos of another woman on Hu An’s laptop.  Annie signed Hu An to join a photography society when she was busy with her work.  She has always trusted Hu An until she saw the photos.  Annie told FL she has stopped loving Hu An.  Annie asked FL to go for a holiday with her to Japan.  FL told Annie that she cannot go as her schedule is quite tied up.  FL knows that she and Annie can no longer go back to the time before she met Hu An.

信任 (Xin Ren) – Trust

FL (Chen Lu) is a 37-year-old dancer.  FL was with Huang Yang for 7 years starting from their university days.  FL did not love Huang Yang.  Both their parents have met and they even bought a house together.  Just before they were about to get married, FL decided to split with Huang Yang.  Everyone could not believe it and started to point fingers at FL.    FL left for the USA to learn dancing.  That was 10 years ago.  FL came to Hong Kong to open her own dancing studio.  She never wanted to attend any school gathering because she did not want to meet Huang Yang.  Nico is 11 years younger than FL and has been actively pursuing FL.   At first, FL was conscious of their age gap but she slowly started to accept Nico.  When Nico’s grandmother was sick, Nico went back to Paris.  Fl decided to leave Nico and went to Sydney to take on a teaching position.  One day, on her way home, she senses someone was following her and realised that it was Nico.  FL decided to be with Nico despite the future.  Nico taught her how to love and both were happy in Sydney.

相爱 (Xiang Ai) – Love

FL (Xiao Ze) and Han Sheng married for 9 years and settled down in Hong Kong.  Their lives were getting mundane and their sex life has also turned boring.  FL tried ways to revive their sex life but was always rejected by Han Sheng.   One day, FL went to a musical concert on her own and met Michael.  Michael was there alone and after the concert, he invited FL for a drink.  They became lovers after that.  Life with Michael was totally different as compared with Han Sheng.  When FL was with Michael, she gets to feel the dream life that she has envisioned before coming to Hong Kong.   FL was living two separate lives.  FL meets ML once every month whenever he is in Hong Kong.    One day, Han Sheng told FL that he has noticed the difference in FL and knew she has a lover.  He has also started an affair with a wealthy widow.   Hence they went their separate ways.  FL went to Mike’s house for the first time without being invited.  When Mike saw FL, he asked FL whether she has left Han Sheng.  FL asked how he knew.  Mike hugged her and said he knew her better than herself.   FL told Mike that it was Han Sheng that left her instead.  One year later during summer, FL bumped into Han Sheng while crossing the road.  Both were happy living with their lovers.



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