莫负寒夏 (Mo Fu Han Xia) – Don’t Turn Away from Summer @ Summer & Jason


No of Episodes: 120

Author: 丁墨 (Ding Mo)

Female Voice: 第101个声音 (Dì 101 Gè Shēng Yīn)

Audiobook    Ebook    English Translation


Ding Mo has given me the impression that her book leaned towards crimes and investigation such like “Close your eyes when he comes”, “When a snail fall in love” and “Memory Lost”.  I read from Shushengbar that this story was a spin-off from “Our Glamorous Time” which I have not listened yet.  On the book, the title in English is called “Summer and Jason”.  From Shushengbar, the title was translated to “Don’t turn away from summer”.

This book has 120 chapters and 10 epilogues, unfortunately, the epilogues were not added to the audiobook.   The few bloggers have attempted to translate the story.  If you are interested to read the English version, click on the link above.


FL (Mu Han Xia) saw a motor vehicle accident and saved ML (Lin Mo Chen) and Chen Wei Wei from a car wreck.  FL works in a supermarket called Le Ya.  FL did not have a high qualification and plan to work through rank and file.

FL was a top student but everything changed after her father died in an accident and left a load of debt.  Her mother got sick and she stayed back to look after her mum.   The day before her final exam, she stayed up all night looking after her mum and did not do well in her exam.  She took a job at the nearby supermarket so that she could look after her mom.

After ML recovered from the accident, he went to look for FL and offered her a job in Yong Zheng, a new supermarket and a direct competitor to Le Ya.  FL rejected the offer.   FL has a dream to pursue.  She wants to re-take the university entry exam and if possible to go abroad to study.  FL is very smart and noticed by the Supermarket’s Manager (Meng Gang).  FL was subsequently transferred to the management office.   One day, one of her ex-classmates told her about Lin Mo Chen’s success story in the USA.  ML graduated from Columbia University.  He is a shrewd and smart businessman.  After hearing that, FL started to analyse ML and came out with an idea that she shared with Meng Gang on how they could impede Yong Zheng’s success on their opening day.  Even though Le Ya seems successful in their plan but it was nothing in ML’s eyes.  ML was surprised that the idea came from FL.  ML started to pay attention to FL.

Meng Gang is a divorcee and he worked his way up through rank and file.  He offered FL a chance to go back to study and become his mistress.  FL turned it down.  One day, Meng Gang got drunk and sexually molested FL.  FLmanaged to escape and bumped into ML.  ML sent FL home and noted that FL stayed in the poor neighbourhood.  FL pretended nothing happen the next day she went back to work.  Meng Gang apologised and asked FL to leave Le Ya.  Meng Gang told FL that he can arrange for her to work in another supermarket.

FL did not want to give in easily.  FL wants to prove to everyone her capability before she leaves Le Ya.  FL saw an opportunity that could topple the Yong Zheng supermarket.  FL’s idea was overheard by ML and he followed FL to Hainan.  FL went to see an ex-classmate (Zhang Yu Lei), whose family owned a fruit plantation.  She shared her idea with her friend and through his help, she managed to clinch a deal.  After Zhang Yu Lei sent FL to the bus station and settle all the delivery matters, he returned home and saw his dad was having a discussion with ML.  ML thwarted FL’s plan and used it for his own instead.

FL resigned from Le Ya and went travel for a while.  When ML heard that FL left Le Ya, he sent her a message offering her a job as a Market Research Manager in his company in Beijing.  ML did not receive any reply from FL.

One month later, ML’s secretary came to tell him that there was a woman coming for an interview.  ML purposely made FL waits for 3 hours before he sees her.   FL started her new life and job in Beijing.  The HR Manager puzzled why ML wanted to recruit FL who was not a university graduate.  ML told his manager that FL may not have the paper qualification but she is very smart and want to groom her.  ML’s business was related to the clothing industry.  During a staff party, ML got drunk and kissed FL and then told her not to think too much as they are not suitable for each other.

The next day, ML senses the difference in FL and questioned the night before.  FL lied that ML criticised her performance was not up to his expectation.  ML did not believe it and assume that FL was joking.   Not too long after that FL and ML went to Ling City for work.   During a dinner with the local business associates, they met a woman called Xue Ning/Serena.    Serena graduated from overseas and she tried to pursue ML but received a lukewarm response from ML.  One of their business associates tried to sabotage ML’s business but their plan was thwarted by ML instead.  Shi Manager then recruited gangster to cause havoc.  Coincidentally that day, FL was sick and stayed back at the hostel.  ML foresee this coming hence has already made arrangement for the security staff to be on standby.  But ML overlooked the security arrangement for the hostel.  When ML heard that the gangsters went to the hostel, he rushed to check on FL.   ML’s heart tugged when he saw from a distance that FL frantically asking whether ML was OK while she herself was injured.  ML started to question his own heart.  He has always wanted the best in everything including his life partner.  He even once considered of courting Serena as she has the qualification and family background to match his.  But now, he was not sure anymore.  He has fallen in love with FL.

One of their business associates tried to sabotage ML’s business but their plan thwarted by ML instead.  Shi Manager then recruited gangster to cause havoc.  Coincidentally that day, FL was sick and stayed back at the hostel.  ML foresee this coming hence has already made arrangement for the security staff to be on standby.  But ML overlooked the security arrangement for the hostel.  When ML heard that the gangsters went to the hostel, he rushed to ensure FL is safe.   Something tugged at ML’s heart when he saw from FL frantically asking everyone that she sees whether ML is safe without noticing her own injury.   ML started to question his own heart.  He has always wanted the best in everything including his life partner.  He even once considered of courting Serena as she has the qualification and family background to match his.  But now, he was not sure anymore.  He has fallen in love with FL.

ML expanded his business into the property sector.  Being a new player, he asked one of his friends (Anthony) in the USA, an architect to join him in China.  FL spent her time in a café that was known as a gathering place for investors.  FL met an old man in the café and started a friendship with him.  Old Fang is actually a government officer.   FL asked  Old Fang to swap the bidding of the land from Parcel C, B and then A.  Ruo Wei (ML’s competitor) thought ML was targeting Parcel C and put all effort to win Parcel C but at the last minute, ML pulled out from bidding the Parcel C.  When it comes to the Parcel B, both the companies’ proposals were on par but the due to the relationship between Ruo Wei’s company and the government, they decided to let Ruo Wei’s company win Parcel B.  Parcel A was awarded to ML’s company.  Ruo Wei is shocked and realised that they fell into ML’s trap.  Parcel A is the most important land parcel as it affected the rest of the development plan around that area.    Hence Ruo Wei proposed to cooperate with ML to develop Parcel A and the proposal was accepted by ML.  The win signifies a formal entry of ML’s company into the property sector.  ML took FL to see the land that they won.  ML asked FL to be his girlfriend.  FL refused quoted that they are not suitable according to what ML had said before.  ML explained that he was unsure of his feelings before hence he said they were not suited.

They were distance towards each other and one day, ML asked FL for dinner but was rejected.  FL went out dinner with Old Fang instead.  During the dinner, FL received a call that ML has gone missing.  FL found him at the land that they went to see previously.  ML said he has waited for her to find him.  ML confessed that he loves FL and he knows that their feelings are mutual.

After they started their relationship not too long, FL travelled back to Beijing to resolve some of the issues on the clothing business segment.  Meanwhile, ML concentrates in the property business in Ling City.

ML’s parents divorced many years ago.  ML followed his dad and settled in the USA meanwhile his sister stayed back with his mother (He Qing Ling) in China.

Old Fang told FL that he has a friend who is a professor in a USA University that can help her to pursue her study abroad but she needs to take an examination first.   FL decided not to tell ML her decision until she passes the exam.

Not too long after that, a man called Mr Zhao came to sell a piece of land to ML.  Despite having multiple checks, ML was trapped into buying a piece of land that was not suitable for a high-rise building.  The soil was too soft.  It was a plot planned by Zhang Yi Fang who wanted to make ML bankrupt and forever disappear from the property industry.    When FL heard about it, she went to Old Fang for help.  Old Fang said he could not help her and advised her to go back to the Entrepreneur café to look for an investor.  FL met Burt, a foreign investor who is also an acquaintance of Old Fang.  FL kept pestering Burt to give her a chance to present the company profile hoping that he will invest in ML’s company.  Burt rejected her a few times, but at last, he gave her a chance.  After the presentation, he still refused to invest. FL argued that Burt is investing in ML’s talent and not his company.  FL said she is doing all this for her love for ML.

Serena proposed an option for ML to consider.  Serena wanted to invest in ML’s company and allow ML to stay on as the main decision maker of the company.  That night, Serena asked ML to give them a chance to be together.  Serena confessed that she loves him and she kissed ML.  FL overheard partial of their conversation and saw them kissing.  ML also saw FL.  FL ran away.   While FL was walking aimlessly on the street, she received a call from Burt asking to meet the next day.

FL did not see Burt but she met with Chen Wei Wei instead.  Chen Wei Wei said she saw the same thing as FL the night before.  FL left after realising that Burt was 45 minutes late from their appointment.  A few minutes later, a Caucasian walked in and thought that Chen Wei Wei was the FL.  He said he is Burt’s assistant and Burt decided to invest 8 million in ML’s company.

ML thanked Chen Wei Wei thinking that it was her that helped him.  ML went to see Xue Ning to thank her for her offer to help and also apologise for the night before.  Xue Ning asked if there is no MK company (Burt’s company), who will he choose?

FL moved to another hotel without realising that ML has arranged for someone to follow her.  When she walked into her room, ML was there waiting for her.  ML asked FL to return to him.  FL told ML that she was very hurt that nite but after a deep thought, she understands ML’s action.  FL asked to split with ML. ML refused to let FL leave him.  That night they make love for the first time.  That night, FL also received a call from New York University offering her a scholarship to study abroad.

FL moved back to the same hotel as ML and ML upgraded their room to a suite.  FL asked to stop work temporarily to rest.  Old Fang met with FL.  FL related her encounters with Burt to Old Fang.  Old Fang scolded FL for allowing another girl to take credit for what she has done.  FL asked Old Fang not to say anything to ML.

FL asked ML not see Chen Wei Wei again and ML agreed.  2 weeks later, ML bought a ring for FL.  FL has spent the last two weeks to prepare her documentation to go to the USA.  That night, FL tried to tell ML her intention but was not successful.  The next day, ML took FL to a resort. FL finally told ML her intention to leave.  ML was angry thinking that FL has planned for a long time.  When FL was about to walk away, ML hugged her and pulled her into the lake with him.  ML kissed her in the water and despite how FL struggles, ML did not let her go.  FL climbed out and told ML that their relationship has ended and asked ML not to look for her ever again.

By the time ML went back to the hotel, FL has already left with all her personal belongings.  ML got sick, took the medication left by FL and went back to sleep.  The next day, while on his way to work, ML changed his mind and drove towards the airport instead.  ML picked a seat in a café that he can view the departure gate.   ML waited from morning until the cafe closed.  ML called Old Fang to ask about FL’s flight details.  Old Fang told ML that FL has already left the day before.  Old Fang advised ML to let FL pursue her dream and move forward and do not look back anymore.    ML received a call from the USA.  Burt called and asked where is FL because he has tried to call FL’s mobile but it was not in service.  Burt told ML that FL once told him that “if you do good, you will get good karma”.   Burt told ML that it was FL’s courage and persistence that won his heart to help ML.

FL took away ML’s heart when she left China.  ML put 100% focus in his company (Feng Chen) until he became one of the wealthiest men in China.  A few years later, ML passed on the company management to someone else and took on a consultant job with MK in the USA.  ML still maintained his Chairman position at Feng Chen.

FL returned to China 6 years later.  FL took on a job with Fang Yi Company, a competitor to Feng Chen.  FL got to know the owner, Lu Dong in the USA and he persuaded FL to return to China to take on the job and to coach his son to manage the company.

FL’s intelligence has helped Fang Yi to make certain changes in their shopping centre until they achieve the top sales ever in their company history.   ML actively pursuing FL.   FL has arranged for Zhang Zi to come to China as well.  FL rented a room at Zhang Zi’s home when she was in the USA.  Zhang Zi is half paralysed and has been FL’s best friend in the USA.   Zhang Zi advised FL to give ML another chance.   FL and ML became lovers and also competing in business.

Zhang Zi was the reason FL returned to China.  FL wanted to fulfil Zhang Zhi’s ambition.  FL shared her plan with Lu Zhang and her agreement with Lu Dong.  FL brought Lu Zhang to visit Lu Dong and show him two items designed by Zhang Zhi.  She told Lu Zhang the story of Zhang Zi and his fiancée and the applications that they designed which was recently being used by Fang Yi to launch their online shopping site.

During this time, He Jing received a call from ML.  ML asked whether Zhang Zi ‘s medical condition has worsened.  He Jing told ML that FL is going to launch something soon to fulfil Zhang Zi’s ambition.  After the hospital visit, FL, He Jing and Lu Zhang went for a drink.  Lu Zhang confessed to FL that he likes her but rejected by FL as she has always treated him as her student.

The next morning, Fang Yi’s website got crashed.   The IT staff hinted that it could be done someone from Feng Chen.  He Jing confessed that she has spoken with ML the night before.  FL was so angry that she went to see ML alone.  When FL walked into ML’s room, she questioned ML.   Both argued and questioning their love for each other.  ML told FL that he will not break up with her.   It was done by 2 of Feng Chen’s staff without approval from the management.

That night, ML called FL to say that he loves her despite whether he is rich or poor.  The stock market crashed and suddenly there is breaking news to say that ML put in his own personal funds into the stock market   Everyone shocked meanwhile FL felt the pain in her heart.  ML did that just to prove to FL that he loves her.   FL worried when stock index kept dropping but ML assured her that he knows what he was doing.  FL later told ML that she needs to leave for a ½ month to complete Zhang Zi’s wish.

FL left Beijing to go to Gui Zhou with Zhang Zi’s ashes.  Every day, she sent a photo and message to ML.  Instead of waiting in Beijing, ML decided to go to Gui Zhou to bring FL back.  The weather got worsened and flooding started to affect the hotel that FL stayed.   FL evacuated to higher ground and she was worried when she could not get hold of ML knowing that ML went to Gui Zhou to meet her.  When the rain stopped and the road has cleared, FL left the hotel.  On the way, she saw ML’s car fell into the ravine.  Those injureds were sent to the nearby hospital.  FL rushed to the hospital and saw ML there.

FL and ML got married at last.


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