你和我的倾城时光 (Ni He Wo De Qing Cheng Shi Guang) – Glamorous Time


No of Episodes: 67

Author: 丁墨 (Ding Mo)

Female Voice: 艾萌 (Ai Meng)

Audiobook   Audiobook (pay site)     Ebook     English Translation


I like 莫负寒夏 (Mo Fu Han Xia) – Don’t Turn Away from Summer @ Summer & Jason very much, hence I went to look for Glamorous Time immediately.  I found it on Ximalaya produced in multiple voices but you will need to pay to listen to the audiobook.  I found a complimentary version on ysts.  Orange Blossom has translated up to chapter 18.  There was no further update since September 2016.   Hopefully, there is another good soul that will pick up the translation.

I am looking forward to the upcoming drama series of this story starring by Zhao Li Ying.


FL (Lin Qian) met ML (Li Zhi Cheng) in Tibet when she was on a holiday.  FL saved by a group of soldier passing by when she got trapped due to an avalanche.  The soldier put her on a train to Lhasa.   FL was mistaken as a student until she told them that she has already started to work.  At first, FL was seating with the soldiers in the normal carriage but then she transferred to a private coach.  FL got to know that it was ML that offered his private coach to FL.  FL wrote a personal note with her mobile number to ML.  When the soldier passed the note to ML, he said it was not necessary as he will be meeting FL very soon.

FL started her new job at Ai Da Corporation.  FL was recruited by the previous GM but since he has left, the HR gave FL the option to stay on or leave the company.  FL decided to stay on.  Her new role is to focus on market research.   After ML’s brother passed away, ML took over the Ai Da’s management.  Ai Da was temporarily managed by his cousin (Gu Yan Zhi).  ML asked GYZ not to tell anyone about him joining Ai Da as he needed time to understand the company operations.   FL was surprised to see ML and thought that he was the new Security Manager.

Ai Da went through a difficult time and was on the verge of bankruptcy.  The company got linked to a carcinogen scandal.  When FL saw the news, she proposed that Ai Da to become the first company to release an apology to the public in a press conference.  Ai Da received praises from the public aftert that.  After the press conference, there were few hooligans recruited by Si Mei Qi Group to cause trouble at Ai Da.  FL sustained an ankle sprain trying to control the situation.  FL was piggyback by ML back to her residence.  During this time, FL received a call from her brother (Lin Mo Chen ) in the USA.  LMC told her, her new boss’s name.  Immediately, FL got down from ML’s back after knowing his true identity.  The next day, ML started his new role as the new boss of Ai Da.

FL proposed that Ai Da should try to win Ming Sheng tender to turn the business around.  FL said she can get her brother to link up a meeting between ML with the GM of Ming Shen but rejected by ML initially.  ML changed his mind after he accepted the advice from both GYZ and FL.

FL set up a meeting appointment with Ming Sheng’s President, Mr Kang.  They were kept waiting for a few hours at the reception.  FL found out that Chen Zheng from Si Mei Qi was meeting with Mr Kang as well.  Their meeting scheduled ahead of their appointment.  FL got worried when she heard that Mr Kang has a dinner appointment at 5:30pm.  ML went into the meeting room at 5pm and he did not come out until 7pm.  FL was told later that Mr Kang was so engrossed in playing chess with ML until he postponed his dinner appointment.

2 weeks later, Ai Da Corporation received an invitation to bid for the tender.  They worked very hard on the tender proposal but they did not win.  The tender got awarded to Ming Sheng.   That night, a few workers wanted to create a problem at Ai Da.  One of them even hit FL.  Luckily, ML appeared on time to resolve the issue.  In the meantime, FL received a call from Chen Zheng telling her that it was a punishment for going against him.  FL was so angry until she could not say anything.  After a short while, FL cried and curse Chen Zheng on the phone.  ML saw all that.  ML told FL that he will remember the tears that FL shed.   ML kissed FL.  FL found out two days later that there were spies from Ming Sheng in their company and they were later arrested.

ML launched a promotion to slash pricing on their top-tier handbags model.  Buyer can get a lucky draw to win cash.  The promotion went very well on the first day.  On the second day, the staff discovered that their website was hacked and the lucky winners were more than the allocated prizes.  ML asked FL whether they should shut down the website or to continue.  FL said they need to continue as it will have a reverse effect if they were to shut down the site. Things started to change for good after that.

When FL shared the good news with Lin Mo Chen.  LMC just laughed and said it was one of the Sun Tzu’s tactics.  FL suddenly remembered what she saw a slip of paper written by ML, 4 Sun Tzi war tactics before.  FL realised at last that it is was a plot by ML to divert his competitor’s attention towards the tender.  ML launched the promotion campaign to catch his competitor unprepared.  The promotion campaign went very well and has temporarily pulled Ai Da out of the financial problem.   Chen Zheng also realised that it was a trap set by ML.

The next day, FL went to see ML.  ML said it was not his intention to hide from her.  ML confessed to FL that he likes her and want to pursue her.  FL said she does not want to get involved in any relationship.  ML set-up another company called Wei Da and put FL as the Assistant GM.  ML even offered FL to look at his entire plan for the company but rejected by FL.

One day, ML appeared at Wei Da and invited FL for dinner but rejected by FL.  FL said she is going to the USA to spend her lunar holiday with Lin Mo Chen.  ML went to visit his father at the nursing home and got his full support to manage the company in his own way.  ML told his father that he has found the one that he loves and currently pursuing her.  ML’s father laughed at ML for not able to get the girl yet.  ML told his father that he is going to the USA during the lunar new year.

FL surprised LMC with her visit.  FL told LMC about ML.  LMC advised FL to give ML a hard time so that he will appreciate her more.  FL knows that ML and LMC were the same types of people.  FL surprised to see ML in Manhattan.  ML told FL that he purposely came to see her.  ML met with LMC and they made a pact without FL’s knowledge.  After ML left, LMC told FL that ML will not pester her anymore.   The next morning, FL received a message from ML to say that he has returned to China due to an urgent business matter.

FL returned to China after the holiday.  ML did not stop his pursuit of her.  FL and ML became closer and at last FL admitted that she has fallen in love with ML.  FL was busy with her market research and ML was searching for a material for their new bag hoping that this beat Xin Bao Re (Ai Da’s competitor).

Ai Da launched a new bag called Ai To.  After the launch,  FL and ML went for a break at Emei mountain for the weekend.  ML wanted to make love to FL and got disappointed when FL’s period came earlier than usual.

After they returned to the city, FL went outstation on an assignment for two months.  After two months, they finally got the chance to be together.  ML asked FL to move in with him.   While they were having passionate time with each other, there was breaking news that Xin Bao Re has launched a new bag similar to the Ai To which is better in terms of quality, price and design.  They found out that Xin Bao Re used the same supplier as them.

After FL moved in with ML, ML told FL that everything that happened was according to his plan.  ML has actually used 50% of the money given by LMC to invest in Ming De.  ML and FL became the main shareholders of Ming De.  FL was extremely sad that Ai To is being sacrificed.  ML told FL that although Ai To is the best bow, it needs to be produced by the best company, that is Xin Bao Re.  ML comforted FL that he will make it up to Ai Da in future.   FL regretted that she did not look at the blueprint of ML’s plan for Ai Da Corporation.  FL told ML moving forward, she wants ML to tell her every step of his plan. ML agreed.

One year later….

Xin Bao Re only has one product that was performing very well.  Meanwhile, Ai Da is gaining market share with other products at every level.  Ning Wei Kai (Xin Bao Re’s President) got kicked out from the board of directors and was asked to leave his position as the President of Xin Bao Re.  However, Ning Wei Kai still holds 15% of the company share.

LMC returned to China on an assignment.  He led a team to help foreign companies to acquire a few handbag companies.  Their first target was Si Mei Qi.  The second was Xin Bao Re.  When FL got to know about that, she confronted LMC.  LMC asked FL to advise ML to consider selling Ai Da.  When FL got home, she asked ML whether he has considered selling Ai Da.  ML said he has considered it before but he decided not to sell.  LMC told FL that he will not get involved in the acquisition of Ai Da.  That was his initial agreement with MK.

ML met with Ning Wei Kai to discuss how to prevent their companies from being acquired by the foreign companies.  ML arranged FL to be transferred to Ming De to prevent her from getting involved in his fight with DG company.

After DG acquired Si Mei Qi, they retained Chen Zheng as part of the management team for DG China.  MK has also started their plan to acquire Xin Bao Re and Ai Da.  ML’s father opened a press conference to tell the public that he will not sell Ai Da to DG and if any of his shareholders do that, they are no longer his friend.   On Xin Bao Re, the two young masters sold their shares to DG.   Ning Wei Kai’s wife gave Ning Wei Kai the authority to handle her share in Xin Bao Re.

Chen Zheng knew from the start that Si Mei Qi was only a shell used by DG to penetrate the China market.  Chen Zheng knew Charles will get rid of him in times to come.  Charles has once stopped him from selling lower quality bag under the DG brand.  But Chen Zheng went ahead to do as he likes.   Chen Zheng told Charles the relationship of LMC and FL.  Charles trusted LMC and believed that LMC has acted professionally hence he refused Chen Zheng’s suggestion to release this news to the public.  Chen Zheng plotted an incident and accused Ai Da for the problem.  Charles allowed Chen Zheng to spread the news of FL and LMC to the public.

Not too long after that, there was breaking news that Ai Da was acquired by DG.  ML’s father had a heart attack after hearing that.  ML’s sister in law, stepbrother and GYZ sold their shares to DG.  The news about FL and LMC was spread to the public.  The supporter of the local brand accused FL of being a traitor and a spy of DG based in Ai Da.

ML’s father requested to meet FL.  When ML got to know about it, he went to see his father.  ML told his father that he knew about FL’s relationship with LMC from the start of their relationship.  ML insisted that FL will be future wife.  FL overheard their conversation.  There were protestors stationed in front of the hospital.  ML arranged his staff to divert their attention, meanwhile, ML led FL to leave from another entrance.  Unfortunately, before she managed to get into the car, she was hit with a rotten egg.  There were few more eggs thrown at her but got blocked by ML.  ML was extremely angry and instructed the protestors to be arrested.

ML took FL to a hotel knowing that the press will park themselves at their house.  LMC heard about the egg incident and confronted his colleagues.  His colleague said it was not done by them but by DG.  LMC went to see FL and asked ML what was his plan?  Both ML and LMC agreed on a game plan but it was rejected by FL.  FL wanted to attack DG in her own way and free her name from the public accusation.

In the following few months, FL concentrated in creating a new bag in her own company called Zhen Zheng.  When the first advertisement on her bag was broadcasted, they received lots of positive feedbacks.   ML knew FL was doing this for him and after seeing how tired she was, he told FL that it was time for him to attack DG.  A new website was launched to sell DG bag at a much lower cost.  This made DG very angry.  At first, they thought it was ML’s tactic.  From their investigation, the website was owned by GYZ who sold his share and left Ai Da a few months ago.  Sales in DG started to decline.

DG approached Zhen Zheng with the intention of buying the company.  FL instructed her staff to lead them on.  On the day of the official signing ceremony, Zhen Zheng owner did not turn up.   DG then got to know that FL is the Zhen Zheng’s owner.  FL told the press that she has no intention to sell Zhen Zheng to DG.

ML helped Ning Wei Kai to acquire more shares in Xin Bao Re to become the major owner of Xin Bao Re.  At last, ML managed to push DG out of the China market.




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