黑白 (Hei Bai) – Black & White


No of Episodes: 38 + 3 Epilogues (Audiobook 1); 50 +  3 Epilogues (Audiobook 2)

Author: 朝小誠 (Cháo Xiǎo chéng)

Female Voice: 心有远愿 (Xīn Yǒu Yuǎn Yuan) – Audiobook 1

Multiple Voices : 宜画, 栖木素缘, 头人讲故事, 星汉浩渺, 木头人讲故事, 瀞小鱼儿, 薇998 (Yí huà, qī mù sù yuán, tóu rén jiǎng gùshì, xīnghàn hàomiǎo, mùtourén jiǎng gùshì, Jìng xiǎo yú er, Wēi 998) –  Audiobook 2

Audiobook 1       Audiobook 2          Ebook


This story was recommended by Peanuts on Shushengbar in 2013.  The story is not realistic but who cares.  There are lots of hot scenes in the story.  If you like angst love story with strong and rough male lead, this is probably the kind of story for you.

30 July 2018 – Found a multiple voices Audiobook on Ximalaya


FL (Ji Yi Ning)’s father owed money to ML (Tang Yi).  FL offered to work for ML to repay the loan but rejected by ML.  ML wanted FL as his wife instead.   Two years ago, ML saved FL when her house burned by the debt collectors.

The story started quite bloody and FL already married to ML.

FL went out despite advice from ML.  FL bumped in an assassination attempt on ML’s life.  She nearly got killed but luckily saved by ML.  It was the first time that FL saw ML killing someone in front of her.  When ML went to FL, she shuddered from him and that got him angry and in anger, he forced himself on her.

ML gave FL an official title of Mrs Tang but has never shown her to the public.  FL protected by ML within his own world away from the public eye.  FL knew the Tang family was in the triad business with some partial legal and illegal businesses.

The legal business managed by ML’s brother, Tang Jin.  Tang Jin married to Su Xiao Mao, a bubbly happy-go-lucky girl.  Tang Jin and Su Xiao Mao invited ML and FL for Chinese New Year dinner at their place.  That nite, after dinner, they played a card game.  Those that lost, will need to show a passionate kiss in front of everyone.  ML purposely lost to SXM so that he could kiss FL passionately in front of his friends.

ML allowed FL to go out to work but she gets home by 6pm.  FL went to work in an art gallery.  One day, after work, FL went to look for ML at his office.  FL saw ML killing a man in his office.   This is the third time she saw ML killing someone.  When ML got home, they had an argument when FL unintentionally questioned why ML cannot be more like Tang Jin.  ML then took his gun out and put it on FL’s hand to shoot him if she felt bad for the man that he killed.  ML then pulled the trigger.


FL cried and apologised for what she had done.  FL commented that it was not her intention to hurt him.   ML was sent to the hospital for surgery.   Tang Jin visited ML at the hospital and had a heart to heart talk with him.  Tang Jin said it is very common for a someone like FL to be shocked and started to say things she does not mean.

Qian Ren (ML’s assistant) blamed FL for ML’s injury.  Qian Ren did not understand why ML likes FL so much.  Qian Ren felt that Jian Je was more suitable for ML.  When Tang Jin saw how Qian Ren treated FL, he scolded Qian Ren.

FL overheard the conversation between Qian Ren and Tang Jin and cried.  FL felt unworthy of being next to ML.  When ML heard FL cried, he asked her who had bullied her.  FL denied being bullied and said if she was ever being bullied, it would be ML.

ML slowly recovered from his injury.  He asked Qian Ren how long he has been with him.  Qian Ren said he has been with ML for 25 years and 3 months.  ML asked Qian Ren to go on a holiday once his assignment in Taiwan finished.  Qian Ren started to feel uncomfortable.   It has happened before where he was put in cold storage.  Qian Ren apologised.  ML asked what was he apologising for?  Qian Ren confessed what he did to FL.

FL openly talks about her weaknesses and how different she was from with rest of girls to ML.  FL said when her dad left behind a 2 million debt, FL and her mom only managed to find 500k for the repayment.  FL used 50k to quietly helped an uncle that got affected because of her dad.  Her mom was so angry with FL that she gave her a slap.  FL thought there was no difference whether there was 50k less because they were not able to repay all the debts but at least she could help the uncle and his family.  FL quoted another example where she once asked Su Xiao Mao what would she do if she sees something that she likes.  SXM said she will work hard to earn the money to buy it or tried to snatch it over.  FL said she will ignore it and make herself dislike it.

FL said she is just a plain ordinary girl, who is very different from ML.  FL worries that one day, ML realises how boring and uninteresting life with FL and will later leave her.

For ML, FL is exactly the opposite to him.  She remains pure and untainted from the violence, the bad and the evil.   ML used marriage to tie FL to him before.  The shooting incident was ML’s tactic of using his life to tie FL to him forever.   FL said she will not leave ML as long as he wants her.

FL also made a compromise not to get involved in ML’s triad business as she would never understand that world.  On another hand, she will continue to live her life as it was before like any law-abiding citizen.

After the shooting incident, the relationship between ML and FL got better.  On FL’s birthday, ML has promised to spend the entire day with her.  That night, Tang Jin asked ML to help Jian Jie, who got into trouble.  ML lied to FL that he was in the office when FL called in the middle of the night.  The next morning, FL made some desserts and went to the hospital.  FL wanted to give it to Dr Shao Yi Xuan for helping her.  The nurse told her about the VIP patient that Dr Shao treated late last night.  FL suspected that it could be linked to ML hence she walked towards the VIP’s room.  FL overheard the conversation between  ML  and Jian Jie.   Jian Jie has loved ML for 9 years even though ML did not love her.  She even knew of ML’s eating habit and his allergy to milk.

FL left the hospital, applied a day off and even asked her boss not tell ML if he was to call.  FL called ML to let him know that she is going out of the office for an assignment.  FL went to a church and spent the entire day there.  FL thought she covered all her tracks but it was still discovered by ML.

When ML left Jian Jie’s room, he smelled something familiar and stopped at a rubbish bin.  He asked his staff to open it and saw the dessert.  He knew FL has been to the hospital and probably overheard his conversation with Jian Jie.  ML called FL’s mobile but her mobile got switched off.  He instructed his staff to find FL.  The art gallery manager almost got in trouble if not for Tang Jin, who arrived on time to stop ML.

When FL walked out from the church, a car stopped in front of her.  ML was angry because FL lied to him.  ML said she can stop working now after today’s incident.  FL shocked and refused to agree.  ML then pulled FL to the top of the church to frighten FL as he knew she has height phobia.  ML told FL that this was how she made him feel the entire day.  FL cried and confessed what she over his conversation with Jian Jie at the hospital.  She felt unworthy being his wife and she cannot make herself to give up on him.   ML’s anger immediately subsided.  He apologised for being rough and took FL home.

FL’s colleague invited her out for a dinner to replace her birthday celebration.  When SXM heard about it, she self-invited to the dinner.  After the dinner, both Tang Jin and ML went to fetch their wives.  SXM was totally drunk and unconscious.  FL was also drunk but still able to compose herself very well.  ML and FL spent a passionate night together.  In the past, it has always been ML to take the initiative in their lovemaking but after FL got drunk, she threw away her inhibitions and was more passionate and willing to explore.

The next day, FL went to work late.  She bumped into her ex-University mate, Zhou Cun Huan.  FL and ZCH were together as boyfriend-girlfriend for a short while.  ZCH knew FL was not comfortable with kissing hence during their courtship, they only held hands.  When ZCH saw FL, he hugged her and was about to give her a kiss but stopped himself when he noticed the love bite on FL.  FL told ZCH that she has someone who she loves now.  They went for a walk reminiscing their life together in the UK.  ZCH asked whether the one that she loves used force at the start and later FL fell in love with him.  FL surprised and asked ZCH how he knew.  ZCH smiled sadly as he was not willing to do the same otherwise FL would be Mrs Zhou today.

Suddenly a sports car stopped in front of them.  FL’s mobile rang.  ML commanded FL to gets into his car.  Before FL explained further, ML ended the call.  ZCH’s mobile rang instead.  FL saw the number and answered ZCH’s mobile instead.  FL questioned ML how he gets ZCH’s private number.  ML said he knew a lot more about ZCH and warned her to get into the car now otherwise he will do something to ZCH.  FL apologised to ZCH and got into ML’s car.

ML drove off and stopped in front of a jewellery shop.  He pulled FL into the shop and took out his credit cards and asked FL to select the jewellery until his credit card burst.  FL refused to do that.  ML got angry as he recalled FL has never worn any of the pieces of jewellery that he bought for her.   ML got jealous when he saw ZCH putting a flower on FL’s hair.  ML threatened he will do something to ZCH if she did not do what he asked her to do.  FL quietly tried on all the jewellery pieces.  ML later heard from the sales girl, FL has an allergy wearing earring hence she never wore them.

ML shocked and his anger subsided.  ML asked FL why she did not say anything.  FL said he will not listen and will think that she was finding excuses.  FL added that it was only a small matter and it will not change anything.   FL reminded ML on how she looks being bullied by the creditors before.  ML asked whether she was treating him like the creditors.  FL said the creditors took away her home and ML took away her friends.

That night, ML smoked alone in the living hall when Dr SQX arrived.  At first, SQX was angry for being called at 2 am just because of some skin rashes but when he saw ML, he shut his mouth.  He went up to the room to check FL.  FL told SQX what happens.  SQX explained to FL that she is very important to ML.  ML will not do anything to ZCH as it was not his style.  If ML wants to get rid of someone, he will quietly plan and no one knows it until the last moment. SQX indirectly advised FL to take a step forward and work harder as ML’s wife.   After SQX left, FL felt that she must do something.  She walked out from her room and surprised to see ML waiting outside her room.  ML was waiting for FL to take that step forward.

When FL heard about SXM’s pregnancy, she was very happy for her and wish to have a baby herself.   It took a while before she picks up the courage to ask ML to stop using the contraceptive.   When FL did not get the expected response from ML, she immediately retreated and cried alone.   ML saw that and tried to comfort FL.  ML said it does not matter if they could not have a child.

FL suspected that there was a problem with her reproductive systems.  FL noticed the effort and seriousness of ML trying to improve her health with the Chinese medicine.   FL went to see Dr SQX.  After some pressure, SQX told FL the truth. The chances of FL conceiving is very low.  This was due to an incident that happened in the past.  ML rushes home when he heard that FL already know the truth.  ML shocked when he saw FL has been cleaning the house the entire night.  FL assured ML that she was fine but then broke down and said she does not want to divorce.   FL confessed that she loves ML.  ML also confessed his love for FL.

ML told FL the story about his mother.  His mum got abducted, she killed herself and her body got burnt.  The way she died was similar to FL’s mom.  3 years ago, nearer to his mother’s death anniversary,  ML drove towards FL’s house when he saw the smoke.  He hesitated to help FL initially but he did it anywhere at the end.  He recognised the debt collectors and made a call to stop them.  He was about to leave when he heard FL saying her mom was inside the house and wanted to go in to save her mom.  ML saw the same pain that he has gone through except there was no hatred in FL’s heart unlike him. ML got out from his car with his gun to kill the debt collectors and saved her.

ML said he has gone too far into the dark side that he was not able to turn back.  FL is the light that he was trying to hold on.  Since that day, ML knew he needed FL hence he used everything in his life to win her heart and was thankful that his love was returned.

ML also recalled the night that he took away her virginity.  When he returned to the room, she was sleeping on a book that she reading.  FL is the most forgiving person that he has ever met and because of that, they were able to continue to build their love together.

FL, at last, got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy called Tang Yun Hen.


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