狼性坏坏老公:只疼迷糊小甜妻 (Lang Xing Huai Huai Lao Gong: Zhi Teng Mi Hu Xiao Tian Qi)


No of Episodes: 83

Author: 一夜绯色 (Yi Ye Fei Se)

Multiple Voices: Not Available

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I am starting to wonder something is wrong with me for picking this story and then tried to finish it.  This is probably due to the multiple voices.  ML and his friend (Hou Yu) are really 5 stars b******.  FL is too stupid and naïve for my taste.  However, this book seems better than 坏坏王爷爆笑妃 (Huai Huai Wang Ye Bao Xiao Fei) as the ML in this story redeemed himself from volume 3 onwards unlike Ye Chen in Bao Xiao Fei only redeemed himself only in the last 15 episodes.


FL (Xia Nan Nan) drank a cocktail at a party and then found herself sleeping with ML (Bao Chen Feng) the next morning.  ML is her company president.  Suddenly their room door crashed opened and flashes of camera appeared in front of them.  ML thought FL plotted with the journalists to publish their love affair.  FL is a simple and naïve girl.  FL and her good friend (Yu Qian Nian) grew up in an orphanage and later adopted by a granny.  ML at first want to sack FL but later changed his mind and made FL’s life difficult in his company.  As he gets to know FL more, he realised that FL was unlike all his other girlfriends.  He threatened FL to cook for him, sleep with him and even transferred FL to become his Secretary Assistant.

All the girls in the company were jealous of FL and started to bully her.  Yu Qian Nian warned FL not to get involved with ML as they were not in the same league.  YQN said ML interested in her because of her refusal to get involved with him.  The more FL rejects ML, the more he will pursue her.  After ML gets tired of her, he will kick her out.  When ML met with Yu Qian Nian (YQN), he was not too happy as he knows that YQN has a strong influence on FL.  When Granny admitted to the hospital, FL begged ML to help with the medical expenses.  ML agreed to help with the condition YQN keeps her distance from FL.

YQN worked in a small tv network anchoring a business program.  Hou Yu, ML’s good friend has tried to get YQN to sleep with him but got rejected.  Hou Yu bought the tv channel quietly hoping to control her.  After YQN left the hospital, she was angry with herself for allowing FL to fall into ML’s hand knowing that FL will be hurt.  YQN was drinking on her own in a bar.  YQN looks very sexy and attracted attention from men in the bar.  Hou Yu saw YQN approached by a man trying to take advantage of YQN.  Hou Yu got rid the man and brought YQN to a room.  YQN noticed that her drinks had been spiked by the earlier man.  That night, Hou Yu had non-consensual sex with YQN.

ML has a fiancee, a famous actress called Song Wan Qing (SWQ).  ML’s good friend (Lin Nan Ge) advised SWQ to quickly return to China because of FL.  When ML went to Milan for a business trip, he took FL along.  In Milan, ML received a call from SWQ who just finished her assignment and suggested to meet in Milan and then return to China together.  FL overheard their conversation.  ML asked FL to return on her own while he stayed on to meet SWQ.

Lin Nan Ge (LNG) is a famous singer and the idol of both FL and Yu Qian Nian.  One day, LNG went up to ML’s office and asked FL to go lunch with him.  When LNG looks at FL, he pitied her and wants to protect her.  ML still wants to sleep with FL despite having a fiancée. When FL questions their relationship, ML said it is between a debtor and a creditor.  ML said FL is not fit to compare with SWQ.  FL feels very sad hearing that she was looked down no matter how hard she tried.

YQN forced to become Hou Yu’s mistress.  YQN lost her baby after she had a fight with Hou Yu.  YQN asked the doctor not to mention her miscarriage to Hou Yu.  YQN left the hospital without telling Hou Yu.  Hou Yu got angry and by the time he managed to track YQN, he took her to his private villa and continued to rape her.  Hou Yu noticed that YQN bleeds non-stop and sent to the hospital.  Hou Yu found out about the miscarriage and regretted the way he treated YQN.

LNG invited FL to attend a party without realising that it was SWQ’s birthday party.  FL got kidnapped after the party by Hou Yu.  Hou Yu threatened FL and got interrupted by YQN.  ML and LNG arrived to stop Hou Yu.  FL got injured and YQN fainted.  Hou Yu realised at last that he has fallen in love with YQN.  YQN advised FL to leave ML.  YQN said she is going to go away for a while.

During CNY, FL went out lunch with LNG and ML.  She bumped in SWQ in the toilet.  After a short conversation with SWQ, FL realised that she cannot continue her relationship with ML any more.  FL went home to cry herself to sleep.  ML went to see FL.  They have a fight and ML gave FL a slap.  ML accused FL of telling SWQ about their relationship.  FL ran out of her home. When LNG came to see her, he realised that FL was having a high fever and sent her to the hospital.  FL found out she has been pregnant for one month.

ML and SWQ left for a holiday overseas.  FL went back to the company to tender her resignation.  On her last day of serving her notice, ML returned to work.  Once again, ML threatened FL when he heard that she has resigned.  FL wrote a slip of paper to say she owed him 5,000,000 and promise to pay him back in instalment.  ML got to know that FL is pregnant.  ML accused FL purposely got herself pregnant to get him to cancel his wedding with SWQ.  ML forced FL to go to the hospital to abort the baby.  On the way, they met with a car accident.  FL almost died from the accident.  LNG heard that during the accident, ML has used his body to protect FL.  LNG went to see ML who was still in a coma and said FL will no longer be a threat to them as she will be leaving soon.

5 years later…

ML was in Settle on a business trip and saw a woman who looks like FL with a little girl.  ML has been searching for FL and LNG for the past 5 years but failed.  Now that he bumped into FL, he found hope again.   FL has become a commercial model.  Before ML managed to track her down, FL, LNG and her daughter (Bao Bao) left for Paris.

After Paris, they went back to China when FL received a commercial assignment there. FL met ML and SWQ.  When SWQ saw FL, she accused FL of coming back to fight with her for ML.  SQW refused to believe FL when she explained that she came back for work.  ML and SWQ did not get married.  Meanwhile, LNG and FL pretended to be a married couple in front of ML and SWQ.  ML could not let go of FL and tried to meet FL alone.

ML found a chance, at last, to meet FL alone.  But it did not last too long.  The triad members from LNG’s family abducted FL together with ML to use FL to threaten LNG.  ML got injured heavily.  When ML was in the hospital, only LNG and Bao Bao went to see him.  FL did not turn out.  FL persuaded by both LNG and her agency manager to join a modelling competition overseas.  FL met YQN at the modelling competition.  YQN is one of the competition judges.  ML gave up at last in pursuing FL and fix his wedding date with SWQ.

ML bumped into FL in Japan when he was on a business trip.  Once again, ML could not stop himself from getting close to FL.  When Wendy (ML’s secretary) saw FL, she got jealous and contacted SWQ to tell tales.  YQN advised FL not to repeat her mistake.  When both left the event hall, FL got abducted.  The abduction arranged by SWQ and Wendy.  SWQ threatened FL that she will be gang raped first and then sent off to prostitute camp in Myanmar.  FL thought this is the end of her life.

Luckily, ML arrived on time to save FL.  ML’s business associate told ML that the abduction instructed by his fiancée.  ML told SWQ that their engagement is cancelled as he cannot accept SWQ for hurting FL.  ML told SWQ that he never loved her.  ML told his business associate to deal with Wendy however he wants.

When FL woke up from a nightmare.  ML confessed to FL that he loves her but FL rejected him.  YQN arrived to take FL away.  ML saw a suspicious guy following the girls.  The girls got corned by SWQ and her adopted brother (a gangster).  SWQ purposely slashed on FL’s face to disfigure her face.  YQN got injured.  FL fights back and slashed SWQ face as well.  But she did not notice that SWQ’s adopted brother has a gun and when he started to shoot at her, ML blocked the shot for FL.  SWQ and her adopted brother left the scene after that.

FL was feeling extremely guilty for what happened to ML.  LNG regretted that he allowed FL to take on the assignment on her own.  LNG went to check on YQN.  YQN told LNG that FL is not suitable as a model.  What FL wants is very simple.  She wants a family of her own.  FL regretted how she treated ML before and their exchange of heated words in their last meeting.

FL reconciled with ML back in China.  ML’s parents offered FL money to leave ML but FL refused.  SWQ was also present and she humiliated FL for her background.  ML appeared and asked SWQ to stop disturbing them.  ML’s parents relented after ML told them that he is willing to leave with FL with or without their permission.

LNG went to see ML.  He showed ML a letter left by his mother after her death.  In the letter, his mother said she has given birth to a daughter and passed the daughter to be taken care by her friend while she trying to run away from the Lin triad members.  The baby girl was FL.  LNG could not face FL as he has loved for so long and could not accept the fact that she is his biological sister.  LNG asked ML to keep it a secret until one day he can face the reality.

YQN went to visit Granny’s tomb and bumped into a man being beaten by a group of hooligans.  She saved the man not realising that it was Hau Yu.  When the hooligans came back with more people, both of them ran back to YQN’s hotel.  Hau Yu got beaten quite badly and he fainted in YQN’s room.  YQN tied Hau Yu up and started to abuse him.  The next day, YQN left for work and by the time she got back, Hau Yu already escaped with all her make-up and the most expensive suit.

Hau Yu appeared again in a café that YQN likes to visit.  Hau Yu owned the café and saw someone spiked YQN’s coffee.  The man who did that was a local businessman that tried to harass YQN before.  He brought YQN to a room and the drug started to take effect.  They have sex that night.  The next morning, YQN blamed Hau Yu for drugging her.  Later, YQN got to know that it was Hau Yu that saved her and recalled that it was she who seduced him that night because of the aphrodisiac drug.

YQN went missing again right before FL’s wedding.

2 years later…

Hau Yu met YQN in Japan.  Hau Yu got shot by Tang Yuan Jun and saved by YQN.  YQN sent him to the hospital and left.  YQN works for LNG involved in the triad business.  When YQN abducted by Xing Ye, another triad boss in Japan, Hau Yu went to save YQN.  Hau Yu made a pact with Xing Ye.  YQN sent back to China.  YQN went to ML to ask for help.  Xing Ye agreed to release Hau Yu.  But Hau Yu got abducted on his way back to China.

YQN tried to look for Hau Yu in Japan for a month but failed.  LNG advised YQN to stop looking for Hau Yu.  YQN ignored his advice and went back to China.  One of YQN’s bodyguards got killed.  YQN found that the person who wanted to kill her is Hau Yu’s fiancée.  After another near-death incident, YQN admitted, at last, that she has fallen in love with Hau Yu and they reconciled.

The story ended happily for everyone.  ML & FL have another child.  YQN and Hau Yu got married and was expecting their first child.  Meanwhile, LNG found his own true love at last.


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