特工傻后 (Te Gong Sha Hou) – Mad Empress is a Special Agent


No of Episodes: 129

Author: 苹果儿 (Píng Guǒ Er)

Multiple Voices: 少卿, 奥提, 祤毣君, 啸月(Shǎo Qīng, Ao Tí, Yǔ Mù, Jūn Xiào Yuè)

Audiobook      Ebook


I simply picked this story from Ximalaya and it turned out to be a pretty good story produced in multiple voices.  This is the type of Female Lead that I like.  Strong and opinionated.  This is a time travel story where the FL’s soul travelled from the modern world to the ancient times.


FL (Leng Jie) from the special force unit suspected her husband having an extramarital affair and followed him.  FL got shot in the back and died.  Her soul transported to the mad Empress’s (Leng Rui Er) body in the ancient time.  When FL woke up, she overheard the eunuch discussing the wedding of the Emperor and his new consort called Shui Rong Er (SRE).  The emperor (Xuan Yuan) and SRE were childhood friends and SRE is his true love.  XY instructed the Empress killed so that SRE gets promoted.   FL pretended as a ghost to frighten the eunuchs.  FL told the Eunuch to pass a message to the Emperor that she is the “chosen one” from heaven and cannot be killed.  If the Emperor refused to listen to this warning, his beloved will die as punishment.

FL used hypnosis to get out of the East Palace to go the medical hall.  She disguised herself as a eunuch and met Dr Hu Qing Feng (HQF).  She used hypnosis on him but was not successful.  HQF pretends to be controlled by FL and directed her to the medical hall to see what she was going to do.  She instructed the doctor to prescribe a drug that can cause illusion but HQF gave her a sleeping drug instead.

When XY heard the message passed on by the Eunuch, he got extremely angry.  XY forced to marry the mad woman by his father.  His father has also passed an edict that he cannot divorce her.  He thought it was a plot by the Leng Minister to force his daughter on him hence he got rid of Minister Leng.  The Eunuch Head advised XY not to make any hasty decision.

FL went to the West Palace and make people believe that Sui Consort has gone mad.  As a result, the Empress’s life got spared.  When HQF checked on FL’s pulse, he realised that the poison still presents in her body and there was another positive energy being locked in her body as well.

Sui Consort thought that she can bully the mad Empress.  FL used her knowledge and skills as a special force to fight Shui Consort.  HQF saw their fight.  FL and HQF became friends after that.

One day, FL bumped into an assassination attempt and saved a man together with HQF.  HQF told FL that the man is the Emperor.  XY is also the leader of the Long Meng Sect.  HQF introduced FL as his disciple brother to XY.  Both HQF and FL is talented in their own ways, hence XY wants to keep both of them to help him to stabilise his country.  HQF supposed to leave the palace already but in order to help FL to leave the palace with him, he stayed on.

FL is very bold in her speech and started to criticise XY his method of managing people and matters.   XY was not offended at all.  Instead, he thinks that FL is a talent.

XY plotted to get FL promoted to a Wang Ye’s position and planned to reward him with newly appointed palace girls.  But FL thwarted XY’s plan and left the palace with HQF, her personal maid (Qing Er) and the general’s daughter who got selected as a consort candidate but has no intention of becoming one.

FL left Qing Er at the General’s residence and continued her journey with HQF.  FL told HQF that there were people following them hence she decided to split ways with HQF.  FL left on her own that night.

FL met a boy called Xiao Shi Yu (XSY) being chased by a group of killers from Qing Yi Sect.  XSY is actually 26 years old Yin Wang Ye.  100 years ago, his ancestor helped the Jin He Emperor to conquer the world.  After that, the Jin He Emperor worried that the Shi family may one day revolt hence, he put a curse on the family that they are not allowed to enter the capital city and to continue their service to the Jin He Empire.   But something happened 3 years ago.  XSY suddenly turned into a 6-year-old boy one night.  XSY left home to go to the capital city to see XY to see how to lift the curse.

FL and XSY disguised themselves as siblings and hide among the fish villagers.  They met a man with a scar on the face called Duan Mu Xing Chen (DMXC).  They got attacked by the Qing Yi Sect killers and  DMXC got injured.  The royal soldiers appeared to help them out.  When FL saw them, she ran away with DMXC and left XSY behind knowing that he can get his chance to meet the emperor.

When FL got back home, HQF was waiting for her.  FL asked HQF to save DMXC while she ran out to tell the neighbour that she will leave town soon.  When she got back home, XY was waiting for her.  FL left DMXC with the neighbour while FL and HQF followed XY back to the Long Men Sect. FL reunites with XSY and asked him to keep her gender a secret from XY.  FL saw the message on how to lift the curse on XSY.  It needed the blood of both the emperor and the Empress.

They went to Jian Zhou after they heard that XSY’s family has been held hostage by the Qing Yi Sect.  While the men discussed on how to rescue XSY’s family, FL acted on her own. FL created some chaos and managed to get the things that she needed from Yi Wang Fu.  But when FL heard that HQF and XY went to save her, she went back to Qing Yi Sect and saved them instead. FL got injured.  FL told HQF the secret on how to lift the curse.  After the curse lifted, XSY came to see FL and proposed marriage.  Both HQF and XY were feeling uncomfortable.  HQF spins a story that FL has a fiancee but the man treated FL badly hence she ran away from home.

The maid assigned from the Yi Wang Fu to look after FL got jealous.  While FL was sleeping, the maid tried to kill her and luckily FL saved by a man in black.  The man took FL away.

The maid lied and was found out by HQF.  FL was saved by DMXC.  DMXC is the leader’s of Qing Yi Sect.  There were traitors in the sect using Qing Yi ‘s name to cause trouble.  DMXC and his sister Duan Mu Xin Yue hope that FL could save their father who faced the same type of curse as XSY.

During the Wu Lin gathering, FL helped the Duan Mu’s leader to clear his name. The real perpetrator was actually the Shang Guang Family.  FL got pushed into the ravine.  XY jumped into the ravine after her.   Actually, it was a plot by FL but after she saw XY falling from the cliff, she went to save him instead.   Both landed at the bottom of the ravine and spent a few days there.  During their time being together, XY told FL about his childhood, how he got bullied by his dad’s consorts and his resentment of women and the effects after sleeping with them.  XY confessed that he likes FL and said he did have the same abhorrence when FL touches him.

FL and XY got saved at last.  They stayed at XSY’s residence.  XSY’s mother likes FL a lot and to get her to marry XSY.  In order to avoid all her admirers, FL decided to leave the next day with HQF to Wu You Gu to see their master.

When HQF’s master (Wu You Lao Ren)  saw FL, he already knows that she is the Empress.  He also knows that FL came from the modern time and told FL that she would not be able to go back.  WYLR advised FL her upcoming obstacles and how to make the best of her skill in the ancient time.   WYLR asked FL to leave Wu You Gu to go save her family.  WYLR also asked HQF to leave Wu You Gu as well.   HQF is actually a prince from the north.  WYLR asked HQF to return to the north and to stay there for 3 years.

FL went to Qi Zhou and bumped into XY’s staffs (Yang Pu and Qiang Xian) from Long Men Sect. FL sneaked into the Leng mansion at night and overheard the discussion between a visitor and Master Leng at his study room.  After the visitor left, FL met with Master Leng and told him that she was here instructed by XY to protect the Leng’s family.

 FL moved into the Leng residence and pretended as the Leng’s family god-daughter.  FL became very close with Mdm Leng (Fang Ying Chiu).  FL treated them as if they were her own family.

Many years ago….

Jin He Emperor and the Empress has two sons.  The first prince has a jealous trait in him.  After the empress died, the emperor treated 2nd prince very well because he looks like the Empress.  This has caused a problem for the 2nd prince.  One night, the emperor saw how the second prince got abused by his consort hence he took him back to his palace and look after him.  The first prince got more jealous.  The Emperor passed his secret guards sect to the second prince hoping that he can help the first prince.  The first prince attempted to kill the second prince a few times.  The emperor cannot understand why the first prince would do that since he was already a crown prince.  When 2nd prince asked to venture to the Jiang Hu, the emperor agreed.  The Emperor took the opportunity to investigate whether the crown prince was the real mastermind behind the assassination.  The Emperor got to know the truth.  The crown prince poisoned his own father but he did not know that every emperor that ascended the throne has to drink an antidote.  The emperor’s heart got broken.  Before he demotes the crown prince, he received news that the crown prince got killed.  He also received news that the second prince got heavily injured.  The emperor had sworn to the empress before that he will not have another descendant with another woman.  The 3rd prince actually is the biological son of Shui Consort, who is now the new Empress with the first prince.  The second prince is Xuan Yuan (XY)

3 years later….

FL spent 3 years travelling around and helping XY to fight corruption and to find the hiding place of the crown prince.   FL returned to the capital and attended a party at the palace.  FL came right on time.  A crown prince from Xi Ping Country claimed that he brought with him the future empress and the crown prince of Jin He country.  The woman is Lin Yin Er and she claimed that her child is XY’s son.  LYE got jealous when she saw XY with FL.

XY vomited when LYR’s son kissed him.  FL took XY back to his chamber and overslept there.   The next day, LYE and her son came to cause trouble.  FL purposely put on a show as a jealous woman and stabbed LYE.  XY lash out at FL and then feel very guilty for doing that.  When he heard the truth from the Head Eunuch, XY went to see FL.  FL told XY the possibility that LYE has betrayed him with his brother.  XY has his doubt as well when LYE claimed he has taken her innocence.  XY agreed to put on a show to trick the crown prince to reveal his next step.

FL received a message from WYLR that HQF needed help in the north.  The night before she left, FL and XY made love but FL used hypnosis to erase the night’s memories from XY.  The next morning when XY got to know that FL left against his advice, he got upset but asked Ying General to follow FL to help her.  Meanwhile, XY and XSY planned to attack the Xi Ping country.

FL was happy to see HQF again.  HQF and his parents got poisoned.  FL suggested a treatment plan that can clear the poison from their body.  The Emperor promised to fulfil FL a wish once he fully recovered.  FL requested the Emperor not to work with the Xi Ping country to fight Jin He Country.  The Emperor did not keep his promise.  The Emperor thought FL will get contented as QF’s side consort. The Emperor wants to use FL to pressure HQF to accept his responsibility as the crown prince to fight his own brother.  When the Empress tried to harm FL, HQF got so angry that he turned against his own parents.  FL found out that she is pregnant.  After XY won the war against Xi Ping country, he went to the north to see FL and HQF.  Both HQF and XY want to become a father to FL’s baby.

FL followed XY back to Jin He Country.  The crown prince appeared at last to revolt against XY.  FL kill the crown prince on behalf of XY.  XY got injured by LYE.  FL told her mother that she has fallen in love with XY.  When XY woke up, FL told XY that she is actually his mad Empress.  The secret guard sect has already been controlled by FL.  FL also told ML that she is pregnant with his child. 



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