春花厌 ❀宠妾要潜逃 (Chun Hua Yan @ Chong Qie Yao Qian Tao)

春花厌 ❀ 宠妃要逃跑【完结】-喜马拉雅fm

No of Episodes: 41

Author: 黑颜 (Hei Yan)

Female Voice: 龄之姑娘 (Líng Zhī Gū Niáng)

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Updated @ 15 Feb 2019

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If you like 赤雪情殇 (Chì Xuě Qíng Shāng)废后将军 (Fei Hou Jiang Jun) and 残音 (Chan Yin), then you might like this story as well.  This story has a happy ending unlike Fei Hou Jiang Jun and Chan Yin.  There are two titles to this book.  宠妾要潜逃 (Chong Qie Yao Qian Tao) sounds like a romantic comedy.  The title 春花厌 (Chun Hua Yan) fits the story better.

FL has a very sad background and ML did not treat her well at first.   This seems like a trait in Hei Yan’s books.


FL (Mei Lin) has no name.  She is Number 43.  She trained as assassins as a kid.  All the assassins have no name and given a number.  One day, she went to meet the Master of the assassin’s organisation.  She followed the rules strictly where she kneeled in front of the Master without sneaking a look at him at all.  The Master sent her on a mission and gave her an identity.  They disabled her martial arts power and fed her a poison to control the assassins from betraying the organisation.   The antidote drug will be given to her once a month in exchange for valuable information.  FL’s new name is Mei Lin and is one of the maidens escorting Zhi Ku Princess from Nan Chao to Da Yan for a political marriage.  All the maidens are part of the dowry of Zhi Ku Princess.

When they met the Da Yan Emperor outside the military camp, the Da Yan Emperor asked his sons to pick any female attendants that they want as their concubines.  ML (Murong Jing He) picked FL and another girl.   During the welcome dinner, ML’s brother (Murong Xuan Lei) swapped one of the girls that he picked with ML.  ML took FL and the other girl called A Dai to his tent.  A Dai threatened to kill herself if ML forced her to sleep with him.  ML left A Dai in front of the tent and took FL instead.  FL knows that she cannot complain if she wants to live.  FL endured the pain when ML took her virginity.  ML punished A Dai by giving her to his soldiers to break her spirit.

The next day, ML took FL with him on a hunting game.  They met a woman general called Mu Ye Luo Mei (MYLM).  It was clear to FL that ML likes MYLM and he used FL to get MYLM jealous.  FL was left behind when MYLM invited ML for a hunting competition.  FL waited for a long time in the forest and then walked back to the camp after she realised that ML must have forgotten all about her.  FL bumped into Murong Xuan Lei and his team and followed them back to the camp.  FL knows she has lost favour when she saw A Dai being sent to ML’s tent.  A Dai’s look has some similarity to MYLM.  FL knows at last why ML picked A Dai the first time.

The next day, FL sent to Jing Bei in the north meanwhile ML went to the capital city.  FL did not care that she was forgotten and all she cares is how to find valuable information to exchange for the antidote.  Suddenly, one day, FL sent to the capital city.  MYLM asked ML to give FL to her.  ML waited 10 years for MYLM to marry him.  MYLM said she will marry ML after he settled the war with the invaders.  5 years ago, ML got betrayed by a woman that he slept with and his military power got taken away after he lost a battle.  After that, ML became a leisure Wang Ye.  MYLM could not stand the weak and callous ML.  ML did not stop his pursuit to get MYLM to marry him but got rejected every time.   Hence, ML curious that MYLM out of a sudden asked him to give FL to her.  ML could not even remember how FL looks like.  When FL got to the capital city, ML changed his mind.  MYLM got very angry after ML turned back his words.  MYLM then changed her mind and asked ML to bring FL to the training camp the next day.

The next day, FL saw lots of slaves tied in groups at the military training camp.  MYLM said she was curious how a powerless FL can survive in the wild when she was left by ML before.  She wants to use FL as a hunting prey for her soldiers.  FL begged ML to help her but got ignored.  FL and the slaves were given a two hours head start to run away before the soldiers start their hunt.  FL hides on top of a tree.   She saw how the slaves got hunted down and their heads got chopped off.   FL also knows that MYML has suspected her identity and it is no longer safe for her stay with ML.  FL waited until timeout and then climbed down from the tree.  MYLM has been waiting for FL not too far from where FL hid to watch her every action.  FL escaped from MYLM but got shot by an arrow at her leg.  FL hides in a cave and became delirious at night due to fever.   The next day, she heard a sound and found a slave boy.  FL pitied the boy and kept him with her.  The boy said his name is Yue Qin. Then they heard someone approaching their cave and found an unconscious man and took him back to the cave.  FL shocked when she saw the man’s face.  It is ML.  FL told Yue Qin that they need to leave the cave soon without ML but Yue Qin refused.  FL relented, at last, knowing that it will hamper their escape.  Yue Qin treated FL as if she was his family.  When FL saw an eagle flying in the sky, she knows very soon the Da Yan soldiers will find them hence she split ways with Yue Qin.  FL took ML with her.  Halfway through, FL planned to leave ML behind, when she heard a voice telling her to bring him along.  ML woke up the night before but pretended to be unconscious to see what they planned to do.   FL found out that ML’s “Jing Mai” was broken and became permanently disabled.

MYLM and Murong Xuan Lei found ML and FL, MYLM thought they were having sex, hence she got angry and left.   Murong Xuan Lei left after MYLM and but instructed his people to kill them.   ML and FL put on act to deceive them and then killed the soldier and ran away.  ML knows that more soldiers will be sent to track them down, hence ML proposed that they go through the barren land of Stone Forest to get to Han Yang city.  FL made a simple push-cart and collected water and food.  Stone Forest is a barren land with no plants and animal.  The land has been poisoned.  FL and ML walked round and round and realised that they entered a labyrinth.  Then one night, ML noticed that someone was watching them.  ML and FL tricked the man to show himself.  The man is Shi Gui, he was trapped in the Stone Forest for many years and accidentally found a path where he can see those trapped in the labyrinth but they can’t see him.  He survived by eating the human meat and drink human blood trapped in the labyrinth.  After ML went a few rounds with the man, he finally figures out how to get them out.  ML tested Shi Gui again and when he found Shi Gui reliable, he sent Shi Gui to look for Qing Yan to pass a message.

ML said they need to go into the labyrinth again.  300 years ago, there was a famous warrior called Zhan Zhang Wang who went missing in the labyrinth.  ML wants to find out the truth of what was hidden inside the labyrinth.   ML and FL went back to Stone Forest and this time, they fell into a hole.  They saw a few skeletons and writing on the ground.  When ML read the words, he asked FL to kneel in front of the skeleton and knock her head three times on his behalf.  ML found the skeleton of Zhan Zhang Wang and the truth on how he died.  They found a hidden tunnel which leads to a mausoleum.  There was a man lying in a coffin in perfect condition as if he was alive.  FL jumped into the big coffin to see whether there is any clue to get them out.  There was nothing.  FL lifted the man to see beneath and suddenly a strong smell hit FL.  FL got dizzy for a short while.  ML guided FL from above and asked FL to push the stone pillow down.  FL did as told and suddenly the coffin moved downwards.  FL tried to climb out but got pulled down.  FL pulled ML along with her.

When FL woke up, she was on the riverbank.  ML was found unconscious.   FL realised something is happening within her body.  Her inner power has returned suddenly.  When FL went hunting for food, she saved a hunter and the hunter took FL and ML back to his village called Lou Wo Zhi.   FL and ML settled down in the village staying in an abandoned cottage.  Everyone in the village thought FL and ML married.  The poison in FL’s body started to react and it caused her lots of pain.   FL already suspected that ML is the master of the assassination organisation.  Even though she did not see the Master’s face, but she can remember his smell and recognise the sound of his cough.  When the pain became unbearable, FL asked ML for the antidote.  ML pretends not to understand what FL was asking for.  Instead, ML suggested two types of herbs that could reduce the pain.  FL followed ML’s advice and found a temporary painkiller.  FL knows she will not live long, hence she asked ML what was his plans?   ML said he does want to go anyway.

FL realised that her reliance on the painkiller is getting more and yet the effect is slowly dying.   FL knows that she will die soon.  One day, FL fainted while hunting and sent home by the village head’s son.  The young master got attracted to FL’s looks and asked a matchmaker to go ask for FL’s hand in marriage.  The matchmaker said it was a waste for a girl like FL to look after a permanently disabled husband.  FL chased the matchmaker out.  The young master waited for FL to leave home before he went in to see ML.  He asked ML to release FL to marry him.  Even though ML was very angry but he kept his temper in control.   A few days later, the young master was found dead from a fall.  Everyone points their finger at FL.  FL thought of leaving the village but ML refused to leave

FL often faint hence she told herself that she must find ways to treat ML first before she dies.  FL went to all the medicine shop in town to find a doctor that can treat someone who has lost their “jing mai”.  An old doctor told FL that there is a doctor called La Li Tao in Zhong Zhou that can treat ML.  Zhong Zhou is not too far from the An Yang city.  FL also realised that she is losing her voice.  FL lied to ML that she needs to go hunting for a few days and then sell them in the town to buy the necessities to prepare for the winter.   After FL left the house, a spy came to tell ML that FL did not enter the jungle but went towards An Yang direction.  ML thought FL has abandoned him and decided to return to Jin Bei.

FL found La Li Tao.  The first thing that La Li Tao said is he cannot treat her.  FL wrote on the ground that she wants him to treat someone else.  La Li Tao immediately took FL’s hand to check her pulse.   La Li Tao said whoever that suggested the painkiller herbs is really an expert.  Lai Li Tao asked FL to think carefully whether she still wants him to treat that person.  A doctor in An Yang town has once said the same thing to her before.  At first, she suspected ML and now she knows that ML intended for her to lose her voice. FL feels very hurt what ML did to her but since she has already decided to help ML, FL agreed to La Li Tao’s condition to use her blood to make “Mai Yu” in exchange for him to treat ML.  When they entered the city, they got arrested.  There was a post from the government to hunt FL down.  FL accused of being a spy and assassin sent by the crown prince to kill ML.  FL and La Li Tou got locked up and sent to Jin Bei.

ML purposely stayed away and set a trap on Murong Xuan Lei.  Murong Xuan Lei got accused of treason by the Emperor.  Xi Yan Guo and Nan Yue Guo started a war with Da Yan.  MYLM lost three battles consecutively.  The Emperor was getting anxious and asked ML to return to the capital city.  ML gave the excuse that he got injured by the assassin sent by Murong Xuan Lei.  It was his revenge for what Murong Xuan Lei did to him 5 years ago.  The emperor post a notification to reward any doctors that can treat ML.   La Li Tao heard about the notification and offered his service.  After Qing Yan (ML’s Assistant) got to know that FL actually went to look for Lai Li Tao to treat ML, he arranged for Lai Li Tao to meet with ML.   When Lai Li Tao saw ML, he said ML is really an expert knowing how to break his own “Jing Mai”.  ML shocked as Lai Li Tao is the only doctor that said that.  Lai Li Tao said to treat him, he must first get FL to agree to use her blood to make “Mai Yu”.  Lai Li Tou said he suggested FL because she has the Zhun Ji Gu in her body.  Otherwise, ML will need to go look for Zhun Ji Gu from another live corpse.  It is a tedious task and he may not find another good quality Zhun Ji Gu like what he has seen in FL’s body.  After La Li Tao left his room, ML announced to the public that he has found a doctor that can cure him and also ask Qing Yan to prepare a simple wedding arrangement.

FL moved from the prison cell to a courtyard.  A few days later, ML came to see her.  FL ignored ML at first.  Then ML purposely said something to trigger FL to beat him.  FL realised that it was ML’s intention to let her release her anger and then stopped.  FL regretted that she has hit him very badly.  ML scolded FL for being an ungrateful slave.  FL immediately kneeled front of ML and acted exactly like a low slave.  This makes ML very angry and gave her a slap.  ML left afterwards.  Qing Yan came to see FL.  Qing Yan said they are only slaves hence can only receive but cannot ask.  FL suddenly cried and realised that she has turned into A Dai who put her pride forward and got punished instead.

FL went to see ML trying to make up with him.  The next day, ML took FL to see La Li Tou.  La Li Tou saluted ML for his ability to convince FL to help despite what ML did to her.   ML was not allowed to enter the treatment room during the making of the “Mai Yu”.   Lai Li Tou explained to FL that the loss of her inner power actually save her.   La Li Tou said if someone with martial arts got infected with Zhun Ji Gu, once he used his inner power, the Zhun Ji Gu will expand and the person will explode.   When FL got infected, the  Zhun Ji Gu turned the opposite, hence her inner power came back.  But now that her inner power has returned, the Zhun Ji Gu will turn the opposite again and FL may die if she does not know how to control the power within her body.   Lai Li Tou said the process to breeding the “Mai Yu” might help her to find ways to control the Zhun Ji Gun in her body.   FL slept most of the time and only wake up for a short period when her blood got taken.  FL was only fed with herbal drinks as meals.  ML tried a few times to visit FL but got rejected by La Li Tou.   After ML recovered, the first thing he did was to bring FL back to his chamber.  He waited for a long time for FL to wake up.  FL stays with him until the arrival of MYLM.

MYLM brought A Dai with her.  MYLM claimed that the Emperor asked her to escort ML’s beloved woman to ML.  MYLM also complained about ML’s suggestion to the emperor to swap her with another general during a battle.  When MYLM saw FL in ML’s inner room, she questioned FL’s presence and asked whether ML has intended to protect the assassin.   ML asked FL to leave his room.  MYLM stopped FL when FL walked past her and snatched the “Xiang Lang” that she made halfway.  MYLM saw the word Jin on the “Xiang Lang” and show it to ML.  When ML saw that, he said that it is really ugly and bad workmanship that he will never wear it.  ML throw it into the fire.  Suddenly the feeling of jealousy and anger appeared.  ML gave FL two slaps after FL slapped MYLM’s face.  FL realised that she has forgotten her own status at that time.  ML said to FL not to let him see her again.   FL saw how protective and anxious ML was towards MYLM and left his room laughing.  FL fainted outside ML’s room and sent to La Li Tou’s chamber.  When FL woke up, she saw Qing Yan applying medication on her face and felt extremely grateful to him.   Qing Yan said a few words and left.  FL also realised that if ML did not slap her, MYLM would most probably demand her death as punishment.   She wrote on the table with water to tell La Li Tao that it is time for them to leave.   Lai Li Tao and FL left the next day.

ML gave MYLM an ultimatum.  It is either she marries him now or he will marry another girl.  MYLM is a very proud and does not like being forced by ML.  She also believed that ML will not give up easily since he has already pursued her for 10 years.   MYLM refused to agree to ML’s request.  When ML heard that La Li Tao and FL left, he went after them.

FL bumped into Yue Qin in a small inn.  Yue Qin told her what happened and he has searched for her ever since they parted ways.  FL feels guilty as she has no intention to ever see Yue Qin and realised that Yue Qin is the only one that truly cares for her.  ML arrived very soon at the small inn.  ML realised that he was a fool for chasing after FL and even used his elite soldiers and his power to lock up the city just to search for FL.  ML once again mentioned FL’s low status as his slave and the punishment for running away and her betrayal to the assassin’s organisation.  FL kneeled in front of ML waiting for her punishment.  FL surprised to hear when ML said he will marry her instead but then her happiness went away after ML said FL is a daughter of a prostitute hence she is not fit as his Wang Fei or Ce Fei.  She can only be his concubine.  When FL heard that, she asked ML about her mother.  FL acted indifferent when ML put her down and this made ML very angry.  FL acted just like a concubine serving ML but when she thought ML has slept, the tears rolled down from her eyes.  Suddenly, she heard ML said he will ask someone to find her birth mother.

FL and Yue Qin went back to Jin Bei with ML.  La Li Tou went home on his own.  FL also realised from La Li Tou’s expression that he could not heal her.  When MYLM saw FL in a wedding dress arranged for her, MYLM said FL will not get what FL wants and walked away.  Not too long after that, ML came to FL’s room to tell her that MYLM does not want her to become his concubine.  ML asked FL not to bother to change her gown as he will arrange another wedding gown for MYLM for another day.  ML said he has arranged for FL to marry Qing Yan instead.   FL shocked hearing that but very quickly recovered her composure.  FL agreed as long as ML gives her the antidote and put in a condition that she will no longer link to him in any way.  FL does not want to be a slave anymore.  ML agreed but said that there was no ready-made antidote available.  He will get his people to make it for her.  In actual fact, he has also instructed his people to do that but he did not want to tell FL.

That nite, FL married Qing Yan.  FL is actually a very pretty but she often hides her beauty to avoid people from noticing her.  FL thought since this is her wedding day, she wants to make herself looks the prettiest.  ML stunned when he saw FL and controls his jealousy when he saw FL smiling sweetly at Qing Yan and ignored him.  ML felt extremely uncomfortable as this is the first time FL’s eyes no longer focus on him and treated him just like anyone else.   ML wants to keep FL next to him, hence he arranged for her to marry Qing Yan hoping that Qing Yan can protect FL from MYLM’s anger and to pacify MYLM.   Qing Yan is a Eunuch and yet he did not get to spend his wedding nite with FL.  ML sent Qing Yan on an irrelevant task just to keep him away from FL.  The next morning, ML even prevented Qing Yan to return to his room and insisted that he wash up and have breakfast with him at his chamber.   ML also decided to go to the capital city immediately.  Since Qing Yan just got married, ML asked Qing Yan to bring FL along.   When FL saw Shi Gui, she begged Qing Yan to bring Shi Gui along.  They started their journey on land then travelled by boat to speed up the journey.  FL kept to herself in the cabin all the time to avoid seeing ML and MYLM.  FL assured Yue Qin that she was willing to marry Qing Yan.  FL treated Yue Qin, Qing Yan and Shi Gui like her own family.

One night, she organised a steamboat in Qing Yan’s cabin for dinner.  Their dinner got interrupted by the arrival of ML.  ML made everyone uncomfortable and they quickly finished their dinner.   ML suggested everyone eat together at the hall the next day.  During dinner the next day, when FL saw Qing Yan busy serving ML, she started to pick dishes and put them on Qing Yan’s bowl until it was full.  ML picks the dishes on Qing Yan’s bowl to put into his own bowl instead.  MYLM could not stand what she saw and questioned the appropriateness of treatment between a master and a slave.  ML explained that he has known Qing Yan for many years and treated him like his own brother.  Moreover, it was Qing Yan that saved him 5 years ago.   The ship captain announced that they will go through a rough patch because of the rain, hence he advised everyone on alert.  FL put all their clothes into a waterproof bag.  When Qing Yan saw that, he did the same for ML.  When ML saw that he questioned Qing Yan and Qing Yan said he saw FL doing that for him hence he did the same for ML.

The ship did not survive the rough patch and got wrecked apart.  FL and everyone else jumped into the water.  When FL saw everyone was safe, she swam towards a different direction.  No one needed her and it was no point to stay on.  ML wanted to go after FL but stopped by Qing Yan.  Qing Yan asked ML to let FL leaves.

FL wandered around with no destination in mind.  FL ended up back at Lau Wo Zhi village.  The villagers surprised to see her alone and asked about ML.  FL’s voice recovered slightly and told the villager that they found a doctor that can cure him and he will return to the village after he completed his treatment.  Life was peaceful for FL until one day, ML appeared in front of her house.  When FL saw him, she already expected that.  ML walked into the courtyard as if he was coming home.  ML pulled FL into his arms and kissed her.  They ended up on the bed.  FL did not say anything to ML.  ML noticed that FL has lost a lot of weight.  The next day, FL did not give ML a chance to tell her his reason for coming.  FL cooked a table full of dishes and happily ate her meal with ML.  FL knows this will be the last time she celebrates her new year and she was happy that ML was with her.   When ML said the antidote is ready, FL just nodded her head and went to pack her clothes.

When FL arrived at the Wang Fu, she saw Yue Qing.  Yue Qing was very angry and scolded FL for abandoning him.   After Yue Qing cool down, he went to see FL to give her the antidote.  Yue Qing told FL what had happened in the battle between Da Yan and Nan Yue.   ML got caught in a labyrinth trap and MYLM went to save ML.  A man called Wu said he can save MYLM but he will need a person that has Zhun Ji Gu to use as bait.   The first thing that came to ML’s mind is FL, hence ML went to look for FL.  Yue Qing asked why she let ML find her easily.   FL assured Yue Qing that she was fine and knowing ML treated Yue Qing very well, she advised Yue Qing to follow ML and learned from him.

ML watched from far FL and Yue Qing talking.  Once again, he saw FL’s gentleness towards Yue Qing.  ML wants to let FL go but it did not go according to plan when MYLM got injured because of him. Wu had assured him that he used FL to lure the poison out of MYLM body and will not hurt FL.  Hence he went to look for FL.

FL did not eat the antidote as La Li Tou has warned her that the antidote will only speed up her death.  FL purposely asked for it as a condition to end the master and slave relationship between her and ML.

ML took FL to see Wu.  FL surprised as Wu looks exactly like the live corpse that she saw in the mausoleum.  Wu seems to have some magical power and when he touched the back of her neck, her voice came back.  FL requested ML to agree to her condition if she helps him this time.  The first is to arrange her divorce from Qing Yan.  FL had once thought of spending the rest of her life with Qing Yan but she changed her mind when she found out that Qing Yan has someone who he loves.  Moreover, she will not live long hence prefer not to cause any trouble for Qing Yan.  ML agreed immediately.  The second request is to cut all ties with ML and ask ML not to look for her anymore in future.  ML did not agree or disagree.

Wu explained how the treatment procedure works and the duration.  During the treatment, FL saw how gentle ML was towards MYLM.  FL felt very hurt as she has never received this type of gentle treatment from ML.  ML left after he received news from Nan Yue.   Before ML left, Wu casually talked about the traces of Zhun Ji Gu on ML’s body that came from his intercourse with FL.  Wu assured FL that it will not bring any harm to ML.  MYLM heard that and kept quiet and did not ask ML before he left.   FL knows that MYLM will kill her once MYLM recovers.   FL also knows that her body is weakening and death is approaching.  FL decided to do something good before she leaves the world.  FL walked towards MYLM and said she will fulfil her wish and stab her with a dagger.  MYLM hit FL back and FL died immediately.  FL knows ML will be sad if she dies and her death may affect MYLM relationship with ML.  Hence she decided to make ML hate her by hurting the woman that he loves.  This is the only good thing that she can think of doing for ML.  FL loves ML every much despite how he treated her in past.

ML received news that MYLM injured by FL and FL has already passed away.   ML refused to believe the news.  A few more messages arrived to confirm the news and to say that Yue Qing has taken FL’s body back to Jin Bei for burial.  After ML settle the Nan Yue problem, ML supposed to go back to Zhou City but he detoured to Jin Bei instead.  FL wanted to be buried on a land blooming with spring flowers without a coffin as she was hoping that her body will turn to soil and a spring flower will grow from her body.  When ML got to FL’s tomb, he dug FL’s body out.  The body has already started to decompose.  ML has gone mad and started to scream at the corpse to say that he refused her a peaceful death.  ML changed the clothes from FL’s body and took her everywhere with him.   ML said to the corpse that they will travel everywhere the spring flowers bloom.   ML recalled how FL used to piggyback him before and now it was his turn to piggyback her back.  ML also started to sing just like how FL sang for him.  5 days later, ML stopped at a small town and went to a local restaurant for a meal.  He stopped by the owner and workers when they saw him with a corpse.  ML beat them up and walked into the restaurant.  ML ordered a table full of food and tried to feed FL some porridge but the food just drizzled down.  ML talked to the corpse to say that they will go buy some new clothes.  ML recalled that he has never given anything to FL before.  In fact, he has never treated FL gently.  ML continued to talk to the corpse that from now onwards he will give her everything that she wants.  As they walked on the street, the people hide away.  Suddenly a group of people with daggers and axes came to attack ML.  After ML took down a few persons, he heard at last what the people were complaining.  ML turned the corpse around to look at it carefully and then suddenly he laughed.  Not soon after that, he cried.  His secret guards appeared quickly to clear the crowd and took ML away.

ML became the new Emperor of Da Yan.  He got his people to follow Yue Qing and found FL and Wu at last.  ML moved them to Ming Chun courtyard where the flowers bloom throughout the four seasons.  Every day, ML goes to see FL who has been in a coma for a year.   One day, a messenger came to tell him that FL woke up.  FL thought she had died.  The first person she saw is Wu.  Wu told her that she needs to die first before she can recover from Zhun Ji Gu.  He knows of her intention that day hence he did not stop her.  All he did was to get Yue Qing to quickly move her body after she died.  Yue Qing stole the body of a girl who has just died and changed the girl into FL’s clothes and quickly buried her to deceive everyone.

When ML walked into FL’s room, he saw FL still sleeping.  He kissed FL and when FL woke up, she saw ML crying.  It is the first time that FL saw an emotional ML.  ML denied that he cried.  FL wanted to get down from the bed but stopped by ML.  FL said she wants to go for a walk.  ML did not want FL to leave his arms and carried her to the courtyard to sit on the couch there.  FL saw Qing Yan came with a pair of shoes for her and started to smile at him.  ML got jealous seeing that and asked Qing Yan to go back to the palace.  FL knows ML has become an Emperor.  FL further asked whether his promise still stands now he has become an Emperor.  ML tells her that the divorce paper is in her room.  When FL asks about her freedom her leave, ML said he has never promised that.  FL knows ML will never let her go.  FL also saw something familiar hanging on his clothes.  It was a Xiang Lang that FL made for Qing Yan before.

ML complained that FL has slept too long and worried that FL will only wake up when he has grown too old to look after her.  This is the first time, FL saw a pitiful and sad ML.  ML said MYLM does not like him as an emperor and has since resigned from her post.  MYLM is a loyal servant of the Da Yan Empire.  MYLM suspected of ML’s ambition when she saw ML controlled the Zhan Dao military.  MYLM followed in secret when ML went to fight at Yan Yue battle.  At first, MYLM wanted ML killed in the battle to protect his good name instead of being accused of treason but she changed her mind at last.  ML told everyone that MYLM sacrificed herself to save him.  MYLM knows their relationship has already changed when the wedding got postponed after ML got back to the capital city.  MYLM thought of getting rid of FL first and then slowly win ML’s heart back.  When ML became emperor, he knows that he no longer wants to marry MYLM.  MYLM is a proud person and decided to resign instead.

One day, ML brought a puppy to FL but he did not get the response that he expected from FL.  FL does not want the puppy and ML got disappointed.  ML angrily put the puppy on FL’s arm and said she has to accept his gift.  FL explained she has no ability to look after a small animal being sick herself.

When ML saw the FL doing needlework, he asked what she is making.  FL said Wu’s shoes has holes hence she thought of making a pair of shoes for Wu.   ML got jealous and asked FL why she has never thought of making a pair for him.  FL recalled the past where ML threw away the first “Xiang Lang” that she made into the fire in front of MYLM and criticised her bad workmanship.  FL said her workmanship is not up to standard and ML has the professional to make shoes for him.  ML refused to listen and took away the shoes that FL just made for Wu.

FL spent her time thinking about the future.  She did not put much hope of ever having a future with ML even though ML has treated her very well.  One day, a woman came to see FL.  It was her birth mother.  FL’s mother explained why she sent her away many years ago.  She is a prostitute and does not want her daughter to grow up in a brothel having the same fate hence when she heard they are recruiting children as trainee hence, she enrolled FL.  Her mother said ML arranged for the meeting and was happy that FL found a perfect husband.  FL said ML is not her husband.  FL said ML is someone with high power status and she cannot match him.   FL’s mother said FL will live better if she treats ML just like an ordinary man instead of someone with status.   This way, FL will live a happier life.  FL cried when she heard that.  Even though she got scolded by her mother, she was very happy as she gets to feel how it was like to have a mother that truly cares for her child.

FL’s emotion improved a lot after her mother’s visit.  But she pretended nothing has changed in front of ML.  ML got disappointed.  FL took away the Xiang Lang and made a new one for him.  When ML noticed that his Xiang Lang lost, all the servants were searching everywhere.  FL pulled ML into the room and gave him the new Xiang Lang.  ML said this was not the Xiang Lang he was looking for but stopped when he saw two characters on the Xiang Lang. One of them is Chun and the other is Jin.  ML got very happy seeing that and told FL that he will only marry her and there will be no other concubines.  FL never expects that from ML and it was as if her dreams have come true.


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