十里红妆 (Shi Li Hong Zhuang)


No of Episodes: 27

Author: 叶迷 (Ye Mi)

Female Voice: 羽忆 (Yu Yi)

Audiobook         Ebook


A short and nice story.


FL (Qian Ming Zhu) came from a trading family.  Her granny used the money to create an opportunity to get her into the last stage of being selected as crown princess.  FL and the rest of the misuses gathered around a courtyard waiting for their interview with the Emperor and Empress.  The first three girls went in and came out either crying or fainted.

When it was FL’s turn, she followed the instruction and entered a dark room.  FL used her intelligence using the clues found in the room to pass the test.  FL met the Emperor and Empress and got as the future wife of the crown prince.  Besides FL, there is another girl who got selected, Wong Zhi Yan.

On her wedding day, FL’s granny gave her a purse with a note inside that written “patient”.  The Crown Prince, Xu Liu (ML) walked into the room and said they are married in name only since FL seems to like the crown princess position so much.  ML told FL not to use dirty tactics in the palace.  FL felt very angry and ashamed when ML commented that her family used the money to buy her opportunities.  ML did not spend the night with FL.  The next day, a rumour spread that ML did not like FL.  FL drank until she got drunk.  The next day, news spread that FL has fallen sick.  This continued on until one day the Empress came to see FL.  Empress said the Ministers had suggested the Crown Prince appoint Ms Wong Zhi Yan as side consort.  FL acted just like any dutiful daughter in law and agreed with the suggestion.

One day, ML walked out from his study with his staff and saw FL on a stool trying to cut the plum blossom from the tree.  ML and his staff stunned by FL’s beauty.  ML forced himself from not getting affected by FL’s beauty.  Then one night, FL went to ML’s study room.  ML was having a discussion with his consultant, Mr Zhang Kang.  ML stopped his discussion with Mr Zhang Kang to meet with FL.  FL has never asked for anything since they got married.  Mr Zhang Kang left the room to give them some privacy.  FL asked ML for permission to stay at the temple for a short while.  ML asked the reason and insisted FL, to tell the truth.  FL admitted that she wants to get away because of the upcoming wedding of ML with Ms Wong Zhi Yan.  ML agreed and felt bad when he heard her answer.  Before FL left the room, she also requested approval to meet his consultants and the scholars freely to discuss any social matters.  Once again, ML asked for a reason.  FL said she is feeling very lonely and want to talk to people with the same mind and play chess.  FL said she cannot do these with the palace maids.  FL had a quick chess game with Mr Zhang Kang after she came out from ML’s room.   During the game, FL gave hints on how to resolve the issue that was bothering ML and him before she came.

On the wedding day of Wang Zhi Yan to ML, FL came late.  FL put on her best dress and make-up purposely yo overshadow the new bride.  FL acted very gracious in public and did not complain when Wang Zhi Yan did not serve her tea.  When FL about to leave, the 7th prince approached FL.  7th prince was feeling bad for FL and shocked that FL allowed ML to marry another.  7th prince asked where has the brave and the smart girl that he saw during the interview has gone.  ML appeared and asked the servant to escort 7th prince away.  ML has some mixed feeling when he saw FL walking out of the back door towards the carriage.  FL warned ML do not treat Wong Zhi Yan like what he did to her on her wedding nite otherwise, his parents will start to put more women into his residence.

ML spent the night with Wong Zhi Yan but left the next day claiming to go to a hunting game.   ML used hunting as an excuse to go settle some bandit issues.  When ML returned to the capital, the emperor rewarded ML.  ML arranged a thank you party for his staff.  Mr Zhang Kang told ML that it was FL that actually came out with the idea. After the party, ML walked around and without realising, he stopped in front of FL’s chamber.  ML felt happy when he saw FL entering from the back door.

FL had a dream that night that disturbed her emotionally about ML.   The next day, FL went to the palace with ML and Wang Zhi Yan.  They met with Princess Yong Lei, who married to another country and came back for a visit.  When Princess Yong Lei got to know that Wang Zhi Yan is the daughter of the man that she had once admired, she started to chat with Wang Zhi Yan continuously.  FL was being left out, hence pretended sick.  FL allowed leaving the hall to rest.  FL thought she was alone resting in a room.  When FL thought it was time to get back to join them, she opened her eyes and shocked to see ML in the room.  ML asked FL why she is getting sick so often since she married him.  ML said he heard from the doctor that her sickness was due to stress.  Their conversation got interrupted and ML left the room.

FL walked back to the hall but lost her direction and bumped into Rong Consort, who seems mentally disturbed.  Meeting Rong Consort reminded her that she may end up sharing the same fate if she was not careful. Rong Consort was once the most beloved consort of the Emperor.  The Emperor even want to give up his throne just to have Rong Consort but now Rong Consort has been forgotten and abandoned by the Emperor

FL really fell sick after she came back from the palace.  ML told FL that the Emperor is sending him to the south to investigate a corruption case and he invited FL to join him.  FL knows that this is a perfect opportunity to stop the rumours on her relationship with ML.  But FL rejected.  FL wants to distance herself to avoid falling in love with ML.  FL felt that this is the best way to survive in the palace.  ML angry that FL did not tell him the truth why she did not want to go with him and then left the room.

A few months later, ML returned to the capital city in time to attend the Emperor’s birthday party.  When FL was leaving the house, FL noticed ML has grown very thin.  Instead of sharing her carriage, ML went to sit in Wang Zhi Yan’s carriage.  That night, ML brought up an official matter that angered the Emperor.  Luckily, FL managed to turn the atmosphere around with her gifts and birthday messages.  FL drank a lot until she got tipsy.  FL left the party and walked out on her own.  Without realising, she reached the same courtyard that she met Rong Consort before.  FL decided to pay a visit.  An old maid told FL that Rong Consort has passed away a few days earlier.  FL got affected by what she heard and almost fell down.  ML appeared out of no way to catch FL and carried her back to his study room.

When FL woke up, she realised that she was in ML’s study room.  FL saw ML was sleeping on his desk.  FL walked closer to look at him and when she was about to leave, a hand suddenly reached out to stop her.  ML thanked FL for what she did for him and even consulted her on official matters.  ML apologised for being biased towards her when he first met her.  FL decided to leave when she realised that they were sitting to close to each other, but stopped by ML.  They consummated their marriage that night.   After that night,  FL has spent every night with ML in his study room.   Wang Zhi Yan got very jealous when she heard about them.

ML went on an assignment to manage the flooding problem in another province.  One day, FL received an urgent message from Zhang Kang to say that ML has gone missing.  FL immediately went to the incident location.  Due to FL’s persistence, they found ML at last and unconscious.  Wang Zhi Yan arrived after ML was found.  FL decided to return to the capital city even before ML woke up.

FL found out that she was pregnant on the same day ML got home.  But FL’s happiness did not last long.  FL got poisoned and lost the baby.  It was done by Wang Zhi Yan.  FL begged ML not to kill Wang Zhi Yan as ML still need the support of the Wang’s family.  Wang Zhi Yan got locked up at the cold palace instead.  FL went to see Wang Zhi Yan.  At first, Wang Zhi Yan wanted to strangle FL and then suddenly she stopped.  Wang Zhi Yan said she wants to live to see the day when FL lost her youth and beauty and get replaced by younger women in ML’s life.

FL got emotionally disturbed when she walked out from the cold palace.  FL drank herself till she got drunk.  ML managed to catch bits and pieces of what FL said.  The next day, ML took FL to see Rong Consort.  Rong Consort pretended to die to leave the palace..  Rong Consort told her story on how she met ML’s uncle first and then the Emperor.   ML’s uncle gave up on Rong Consort when the Emperor claimed that he has fallen in love with Rong Consort.  Out of anger, Rong Consort married the Emperor.  Rong Consort regretted her action and often sat on her own staring.  Slowly, rumours start to fly that Rong Consort has mental illness and the frequency of visits from the Emperor also lessen and eventually she was forgotten by everyone.  When she saw ML’s uncle again, they re-kindled their love and decided to leave the palace with ML’s help.   FL surprised that a law-abiding person like ML would do something against the rule.

In the carriage heading home, ML told FL that he is not his father and FL will not end up like Rong Consort.   ML confessed his feelings to FL and said he wants to spend his whole life with FL by his side.


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