玉氏春秋 (Yu Shi Chun Qiu)

No of Episode: 161

Author: 林家成(Lin Jia Cheng)

Female Voice: Zhou Xiao Mi

Audiobook     Ebook


I started this audiobook almost 2 years ago and stopped at episode 57.  Waited about 1.5 years before all episodes were fully loaded.  It took me some time to recall how the story started.    In the story, it was pitiful that women in the era were like goods used by noblemen and royalty for exchange or given away for favour.


FL’s (Yu Zi) soul came from the modern world.  When FL woke up, she found herself in a mass grave.  FL met an old man called Gong and became his god-daughter.  FL wanted to make some business to make money to change their lifestyle.  FL got to know that Yu Zi was previously the concubine to Qi Crown Prince but got framed and murdered by another concubine.

FL met ML (Gong Zi Chu) and became his concubine.   FL always on a look out to make money.   Even though FL was ML’s concubine, she has not slept with ML.    FL even suggested to other admirers of ML how to seduce him.

ML finds FL interesting.  ML and FL were together for some time before ML slept with FL.  One day during a meeting with his staff, FL displayed her talent in accounting.  FL became ML’s book-keeper.  ML was actually the crown prince from Zhao Country.

FL knows ML will return to Zhao Country one day and she needs to think of a backup plan for herself.  FL does not want to grow old and eventually forget by ML.  When FL met Ya who had a crush on her, she asked Ya to become her business partner.

FL followed ML back to Zhao Country.  The Zhao Emperor favoured the young Empress greatly.  The Empress forced ML to leave his home country and sent assassinates to kill him many times.  ML made a name for himself at Qi country and return to Zhao country with thousands of soldiers.  The Zhao Empress tried to bully FL in the first meeting but failed.

FL instigated the commoners to revolt against the Zhao Empress.  ML led the commoners to the palace to kill the Zhao Empress and took back the control of the Zhao Country.  An achievement party was held.  When FL entered the hall, she did not see a seat arranged for her behind ML.  FL found a seat in a secluded corner.  FL  sat there for a while and stared at everyone in the party.   The neighbouring countries sent their princesses hoping to form alliance with Zhou Country.  FL felt sad and left the party.  FL  decided to leave ML.

Qi Crown Prince purposely arranged to meet with FL.  Qi Crown Prince offered the Empress position to FL but FL did not say anything.   ML rewarded FL’s adopted father with a piece of land and made him a nobleman.  ML agreed when FL asked to follow her father to the new land.  FL spent a few months helping her father settle down before she returns to Han Dan city.  On the way back to the Han Dan, FL heard that ML has already married the Wei Princess and it seems all her body guards knew about it.  FL’s heart broke, got depressed and refused to eat.  FL came out from her depression a few days later.  FL insisted to return to Han Dan as soon as possible to confront ML.  FL wanted to show ML that it does not matter to her and she will be able to carry on with her own life.

When FL reached Han Dan, she went to see ML.  FL saw ML’s new Empress and other new concubines.  FL took out a badge given by ML previously after she helped him to win back the control of the Zhao country.  FL asked ML to allow her to leave him.  ML got extremely angry and tried to persuade FL to stay on.  ML claimed he needed to form alliance with Wei country to stabilise  the country.   FL refused to listen and insisted to leave.

When FL walked out from the palace, she saw Ya waiting for her.  Ya remembered FL telling him before that she will leave ML once he married hence he waited for her outside the palace.  FL found out she was 3 months pregnant.  Ya and FL left Han Dan city to go to Ge Di.  Ge Di is strategically located between all the three countries.  Traders refused to pass Ge Di because they were often rob by the mountain bandits.  Ge Di is a land of opportunity for Ya and FL.  Ya cleared the land and started planting rice one year ago.   Ya and FL invited rangers to join them and started a security organisation to provide protection to traders passing through Ge Di.

FL gave birth to a boy.  In the Zhao palace, ML could not forget FL.  Zhao Empress sent different women to seduce ML but failed.  On day, ML went to see his ailing father and asked which woman does his father yearn most.   The Old Emperor said he could not forget a girl who loved him many years ago.  ML told his father that he has fallen in love with a girl who was not willing to share him with other women.  A loyal officer went to see ML and suggested that he brings FL home after he found out that ML has no interest with sleep with any of the women in his inner palace.

ML thought FL stayed with his father but surprised to hear that she did not make any contact with her father at all.  A few months later, the spy came back with news that FL and Ya started the security business and FL has given birth to a son.  ML decided to go to Ge Di to see FL.

FL shocked to see ML coming to Ge Di to look for her.  FL thought ML came for their son and begged ML to keep his promise.  ML insisted to bring FL back to Han Dan.  FL realised that she could change ML’s mind hence suggested to live outside the palace instead.  ML agreed.  ML spent his nights with FL until Zhao Empress and Wei Concubine became jealous of FL.  FL refused to get promoted to “Fu Ren” or fight for the Empress position.  FL wanted ML to have her as his only wife and no other concubines.  FL knows it was not possible as ML will marry more in future to form alliances.

ML sense FL unhappiness and her wish to leave him.  ML made a bet with FL that within 6 months, if FL can survive on her own without seeking help from him, her father or Ya and not using her savings, he will release her after that.  FL accepted the challenge.  FL left the mansion without her son and a dime and used her intelligence to get protection from herself.  ML regretted very soon and after only three days, he turned back on his word and forced FL to return to him.

Zhao Empress’ servant told everyone that her mistress was pregnant.  But three days later, Zhao Empress found herself bleeding and no longer can conceive.

Qin country started a war with Zhou country.  ML asked FL to help him to strategize the attack.  FL design a few war equipment.  Zhou Empress offered soldiers from Wei Country to help ML but got rejected.  Wei Emperor later sent his officer to see ML to offer his military support with the condition that ML kills FL.  ML rejected the offer and told everyone that he will not abandon FL.   The Head of Military Equipment scolded everyone presence especially the Wei officer for not recognising the FL’s talent.  Some of the Zhou officer felt bad persuading ML to kill FL for the benefit of the country.

FL left the hall and walked to town.  FL got abducted.  FL pretended as Yu Ji’s servant.  The man planned to bring her to Qin country to sell her off.  But that it did not happen.  FL ended up meeting Meng Po, a leader from Yi Country.  FL managed to pass a message to Ya to get him to save her.  FL also thwarted Meng Po’s plan to cause further havoc between the Qin and Zhou.

After FL got saved, she decided to find another place to settle down knowing that if she goes to Ge Di, ML will  find her there.  Ya made a business negotiation with Meng Po.  Ya found a place for FL to settle down.  FL became a  middle person in horse trading.

After Zhou country won the war, the Wei Country sent another princess to give to ML.  ML ignored the princess and abandoned her in the palace.  The was a girl who was very good at playing zither who came together as part of the bridal entourage caught ML’s attention.  The girl is called Lu Ke Er whom the Zhao Empress specifically asked for from her parents.

Meng Po got to know that it was FL who plotted his loss during the Qin and Zhou battle and pretended to offer help and suggested a business dealing.  Meng Po tricked FL to meet him, kidnapped her and brought her to Qin Country.  The Qin Emperor offered to return a piece of land to the Yi Clan in exchange for FL.  But Qin Crown Prince refused to honour the promise by his father.  FL thought she will not get away this time.  FL took out a piece of jade she took from ML’s desk previously and made her last wish before she kills herself.  ML appeared with his military in time to save FL from the Qin Crown Prince.

FL decided to stay on with ML despite what the future might be.  FL demonstrated her capabilities helping ML to win his war battles.  FL got the support from all the Wuxias and they even helped her to get rid of any princesses who wish to marry ML.  FL became the only woman in ML’s palace at last.



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