穿越以和为贵 (Chuan Yue Yi He Wei Gui)

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No of Episodes: 216

Author: 吱吱 (Zhī Zhī)

Multiple Voices: 花爷、 白雨 + Others (Huā Yé, Bái Yǔ, Yu Xiao Bai, Qing Zhen, Ming Rui & others)

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I pick another Zhi Zhi’s book from the same production team.  There are similarities between this book and 金陵春 (Jin Ling Chun).  The FLs like practicing calligraphy, quiet and marries a husband who is 10 years older than them.  In Jin Lin Chun, the author touches the topic on rape and in this book on child molestation.

The story has a cliffhanger ending.  The ancient world where FL lives does not exist in history.  There was someone from the modern world came before her and this person has already introduced the simplified Chinese writing to the people.  FL shocked when she saw a weapon diagram from the modern world but she did not say anything to ML.  Later toward the end, FL found a manuscript from her family with secret messages.  The story ended with FL telling her son that she will teach him something different from what he learned from his teacher.


FL (Gu Xi Yan)’s mother passed away after she was born.  FL grew up with her grandmother.  After her grandmother passed away, she went to live with her father.  FL’s father remarried and has a son.  FL’s stepmother is shrewd woman.  FL learned to be independent from very young.  She supported herself with part-time work until she graduated.  FL got promoted very fast in her job working in a Supermarket.

When FL got home, she overheard that her stepbrother got his girlfriend pregnant.  FL’s stepmother wanted FL to move out because there was not enough room for everyone.  When FL moved in 10 years ago, she took one of the rooms and her stepbrother slept in the living room.  FL got depressed and left the house.  FL bought a few beers and took a taxi to a park.  FL woke up on a bench at the park.  When FL about to leave, she heard a girl calling out.  The girl is about 15 years old wearing a pyjama claiming that she is lost in the woods.  The girl has the same name as FL and they shared the same birthday.  The girl is quite chatty telling FL that she has an older sister named Chao Rong and her family.  The girl said Chao Rong is her stepsister and it was Chao Rong who got their father to send her away to stay at Su Zhou.  The girl is only 13 years old and FL is 13 years older than the girl.  They walked for a very long time and still not out of the woods.  FL realised that they are lost.  The girl complained that she is tired.  FL piggy back her and then she realised something very wrong with girl.  The girl’s face turned very white and said she has kept gold bar in her doll for Duan Niang.  The girl held on to FL’s dress when FL wanted to go get help.  The girl asked FL to hug her as she has never been hugged before.  The girl stopped breathing.  FL shouted for help but there was no answer.  FL feel extreme pain and fainted on top of the girl.

When FL woke up, she saw a stern looking woman staring at her.  When FL looks into the mirror, she became the little girl who she met at the woods.  FL realised that she time travelled to the ancient time.  A servant girl, named Heng Yue told FL that Gu Xi Yan argued with Duan Niang and then ran out.  They found her in the woods with another death body.  They have moved the death body to the He Ming Hall.  FL asked to look at the death body.  FL shocked when she saw the body.  It was her body from the modern world.  FL asked Duan Niang to cremate the body. 

The next day, FL heard a loud crash from the room next day.  FL climbed up the tree and saw a man with sword facing a couple kneeling on the floor asking for forgiveness.  The woman called Ye Zi Su faked her own death to run away with her lover, Fang Shao Qing.  Ye Zi Su’s husband found out and came to punish them.  At the end, Ye Zi Su’s husband let them go instead. 

FL arrived at Shen Jing city.  FL’s father is called Gu Bao Zhang, a 6th rank government officer.  FL’s mother married Gu Bao Zhang after Gu Chao Rong’s mother passed away.  FL’s mother brought a lot of dowry with her when she married Gu Bao Zhang.  After FL’s mother passed away, Gu Bao Zhang married Madam Gu for her family wealth as well.  Madam Gu (Liu Shi) came from a merchant family.  Liu Shi noticed that Gu Xi Yan has changed.  The previous Gu Xi Yan was very spoilt and often criticised Liu Shi.  FL went to see her father.  FL sense something very wrong when she walked into her father’s study room.  All the servants in her father’s room are pretty looking boys.  Master Gu looked at FL with dislike.  He even pinched FL’s jaw and criticised her.  Master Gu said it was her older sister’s decision to send her back to Shen Jing to join the harem selection.  

FL slowly settled into her new live in Sheng Jing.  FL went to study with Cui Bao Yi who rented a courtyard at the Gu’s Residence.  Another part of the residence is rented to Qin Da Gu, the leader of the Chang Sheng Troupe.  One day, FL wanted to read books.  Duan Niang helped FL to sneak into Master Gu’s study room to pick a few books.  FL bumped into a spy who came to search for something in Master Gu’s room.  FL left quickly.   The next day, FL heard that a young servant boy got beaten to death due to stealing.

During the Autumn Festival, FL asked all her servants to go see lantern.  FL decided to stay home on her own.  That night, two boys sneaked into her room to steal silk clothing.  FL overheard their conversation.  Bai Nian told Gui Guan that he no longer can withstand Master Gu’s abuse.  He wants to run away.  FL suddenly speaks out to tell them that it was not wise to steal the silk as it is too troublesome to change it to money.  Gui Guan wanted to get rid of FL but he got subdued by FL instead.  Bai Nian ran away frightened.  FL already suspected Master Gu is a paedophile and gay.  Gui Guan said he stayed on to learn how to read and write and Master Gu promised to get him an official identity in a few years.  FL pitied Gui Guan and let him go.  Ever since that incident, FL and Gui Guan often meet in secret to exchange news.

FL gave Gui Guan a sum of money for him to go buy himself an official identity.  At the same time, FL also ran away from home.  FL left Gui Guan at the church.  Master Gu told the Palace that her daughter got chicken pox hence her name got terminated from being shortlisted.

FL put on make-up and went to see Qin Da Gu.  FL claimed that she is Qing Da Gu’s niece.  FL stayed on to help out at Chang Sheng Troupe.  Qin Da Gu already knows FL’s identity.  Qin Da Gu told FL what happened to her in Jiang Nan.  She offended a local wealthy man there when she refused to give up one of her students to sleep with the man.  The man rapes her student.  Her student hanged herself the next day.  Qin Da Gu got thrown into prison, some of her troupe members got beaten up.  Qin Da Gu asked FL to promise her not to get Chang Sheng Troupe into trouble with what she was doing. 

FL got along very well with all the members in Chang Sheng Troupe.  One day, a girl named Kou Er offended the famous script writer, Mr Wu.  Chang Sheng Troupe got freeze and no one dares to hire them.  Mr Wu asked Qin Da Gu to give Kou Er to him.  FL cautioned Qin Da Gu that it may not resolve the problem even if she give up Kou Er.  FL wrote a comedy script and suggested they perform in a lower grade tea house to earn some money.  It works out very well.  FL wrote a few more scripts for the Chang Sheng Troupe. 

After the announcement of the new royal concubines, FL went back to the Gu Residence.  FL asked Liu Shi to arrange for her to see her sister who is also a royal concubine.  Liu Shi remembered the letter left by FL to say that she will leave temporary because she did not want to enter the palace.  She explained her reason that the crown prince’s wife has already been decided and it will only bring more harm to the Gu family to oppose the Fang’s family.  Liu Shi showed FL’s letter to her brother, Liu Zuo Cheng.  Liu Zuo Cheng is a business person and agreed with FL’s decision. 

When FL got back to her room, she was sorry to hear that Duan Niang fell sick because of her.  FL realised that besides her granny, Duan Niang is the only person who really cares for her.  The next morning, FL got dragged from her bed by Master Gu.  Master Gu wanted FL to tell him where are Gui Guan and Bai Nian.  At first, FL got stunned and did not response when Master Gu kicks her.  Duan Niang kneeled in front of Master Gu begged for his forgiveness and tried to stop Master Gu from hurting FL.  Suddenly, FL became alert and pushed Master Gu away when he tried to kick her again.  Master Gu fell down and fainted.

FL and Liu Shi went to the palace to see Gu Chao Rong.  Consort Gu very upset with FL.  FL argued that if her sister really wanted the best for her, she should find her a better husband.  Consort Gu said the crown prince is very good-looking and talented.  FL explained her reasons.  Consort Gu said she is aware of all the concerns raised by FL.  Consort Gu was hoping that she can escape from the palace through FL.  If FL marries the crown prince and give birth to a son and once her son grows up, FL can bring Consort Gu to live outside the palace.

FL realised that her sister also care for her.   Gu Chao Rong tried to protect her sister sending Gu Xi Yan away previously.  When FL go home, Master Gu was waiting for her.  Master Gu and FL started to quarrel.  In anger, Master Gu threw a flower-pot at FL.  Master Gu stopped when Liu Zuo Cheng came to see him.

When FL got back to her room, she took out the money hidden in the doll and give to Duan Niang and asked her to leave.  Duan Niang refused.  Duan Niang took out a land title that she hid in a hair pin to FL.  Duan Niang said FL’s mother left a few properties to FL as her dowry.  FL needs to get married soonest possible to leave the Gu’s residence.  Duan Niang said she does not know whether FL’s mother is aware of Master Gu’s fancy.  Duan Niang said she noticed FL’s change of behaviour after she got called away to learn writing at Master Gu’s room a few years ago.  Gu Xi Yan came back crying and started to have nightmare.  Right after that, Gu Chao Rong sent Gu Xi Yan away.  In Shu Zhou, Gu Xi Yan started to throw tantrum when she asked her to practise writing.  FL hugged herself after she heard that. 

Liu Shi also wanted to leave Master Gu.  Liu Shi left with her son claiming she needed to visit her father in Jiang Nan.  Liu Shi passed the household management to FL.   Liu Shi’s son named Gu Pan Xi is only 5 years old.  Gu Chao Rong suggested that Gu Pan Xi to go to school away from home to protect him from Master Gu.  Liu Shi did not dare to tell her brother the truth about Master Gu.

Duan Niang asked her friend to look for a husband for FL.  One day, Duan Niang said she found someone suitable for FL.  Duan Niang arranged for FL to take a peek on the man she selected and if she is fine with him, she will then do a background check.  Duan Niang and FL took a trip and stayed for a night in a temple.  FL met the man who went after his wife when she first time travelled to this world.  FL has been paying attention to news about Ye Zi Su and Fang Shao Qing.  FL did not get to see her prospective husband.  But FL saw a man called Qi Yu Zhi at the temple. 

Chu Bao Yi came to say goodbye to Liu Shi and FL.  Chu Bao Yi said she received an offer to enter the palace as Secretary to the Empress Dowager.  One of Chu Bao Yi’s student, Hui Lan asked to work for FL.  FL did not trust Hui Lan fully hence she did not agree.

A few days later, Duan Niang said another blind meeting has been set up.  FL was comfortable with Mei Xin and agreed to marry him.  Mei Xin came with his friend, Jiang Xin Lin.  On their way home, their horse carriage got stopped by a group of soldiers.  The soldiers wanted to check every horse carriage.  Their action caused panic with the public.  FL met the Head of the Military named Zuo Xiao Yu.  Zuo Xiao Yu looks brutal and started a killing spree to control the crowd.  A man came forward to stop Zuo Xiao Yu.  FL recognised the man.  It was Jiang Xin Lin.  FL gave a suggestion to Jiang Xin Lin to speak with Zuo Xiao Yu to control the crowd instead of using violence.  There was a person  injured actually hidden under FL’s horse carriage.  FL got home safely at last.

FL received two marriage proposals.  The first came from Jiang Xin Lin and the second from Zuo Xiao Yu.  FL does not want to marry either man.  One morning, she felt frustrated and went for a walk and met Mr Huang.  Mr Huang claimed that he accidentally ventured into the inner garden and left very soon. 

FL let Zhou Momo to plant medicinal herbs at Di Cui Ge courtyard previously rented to Chu Bao Yi.  Zhou Momo complained that few of her medicinal herbs got plucked by someone.  Mr Huang asked to meet FL at Di Cui Ge twice.  Mr Huang asked FL to help him send a message.  FL refused.  When FL was about to leave she saw someone wanted to harm Zhou Momo.  Before she cried for help, a sword appeared next to neck to threatened her.  FL saw the man who threatened her.  It was the man whose wife ran away.  FL finally understood who Zuo Xiao Yu was looking for.  FL pitied the man whose wife ran away and at the same time admired him.  The man introduced himself as Qi Mao Sheng.  FL agreed to help Qi Mao Sheng.  FL suggested that they get help from Liu Zuo Cheng.  FL suggested a method to bring Qi Mao Sheng out of the city.  Qi Mao Sheng gave FL a piece of jade.  Qi Mao Sheng (ML) said he will come back to see her. 

After Qi Mao Sheng left, FL found out that he is actually  Yan Guo Gong.  His name is called Qi Hao.  Liu Zuo Cheng came to see FL and said that ML went missing right after they left the city.  FL asked Liu Zuo Cheng to give her someone to help her to do some investigation.  Liu Zuo Cheng gave FL a woman named Ting Cui Niang to help FL. 

One night, ML came to see FL.  FL knows that this is the last time she sees ML.  ML said he will send someone to help her.  The next day, a woman named Duan Ying Lou came to work for FL.  FL received news that her father has agreed to Zuo Xiao Yu’s marriage proposal.  FL started to arranged for Duan Niang and Mo Ju to leave first.  FL told Duan Ying Lou her plan.  On her wedding day, FL convinced Hui Lan to replace her.  FL and Duan Ying Lou managed to escape.  FL planned to go to Leng Island.

FL got very sick during the trip.  When FL heard that ML was in trouble and danger, she changed her plan and went to Ling Zhou with Duan Ying Lou instead.  FL knows she has fallen in love with ML and wanted to know whether he is alive.  FL later found out that she got tricked by Duan Ying Lou to go to Ling Zhou.  Duan Ying Lou said actually ML already know that FL will escape from her wedding.  

FL met Qi Xiao.  Qi Xiao is ML’s stepbrother. Qi Xiao is also born by a concubine and has equal rights to fight for the Yan Guo Gong title.  But he lost to ML because ML’s mother came from a noble family.  

FL met ML at last.  FL shocked when she saw ML.  ML looks very angry when he first saw FL.  FL tried to be brave and told herself not to break down in front of ML.  Duan Ying Luo felt uncertain thinking that she made a mistake and felt extremely bad for FL.  ML asked to meet Duan Ying Luo privately.  Duan Ying Luo introduced Liu Mei Er (ML’s cousin sister) to FL.  Madam Wei (ML’s mother) asked Liu Mei Er to serve ML.  ML refused to sleep with Liu Mei Er when he saw her tears rolling down in front of him.  ML was thankful that he did not sleep with Liu Mei Er when he saw FL.  Otherwise, FL will not accept him if she knows the truth.

ML went to see FL after she slept.  FL woke up and saw ML.  ML confessed his love for FL and proposed to marry her.  ML asked FL to go to Yan Country to wait for him.

FL and Duan Niang follow Liu Mei Er to Yong Zhou.  FL and Liu Mei Er became good friends.  Liu Mei Er is scared of ML and warned by ML’s servant not to tell FL the real reason she went to see ML.  Madam Wei is in her forties but she looks very young.  ML took over the duke title (Yan Guo Gong) after his elder brother passed away.  His elder brother has a son but the son was too young to take over the title.  Hence the elders in the Qi family all agreed that ML should take over the Duke title.   After ML became the Duke, he puts Madam Xu, his father first wife to take charge of the household management instead of his own mother, 

ML created a new identity for FL.  FL wanted to know ML before she marries him.  FL started to make friends with the kitchen Cook trying to find out what actually happened between ML and Ye Zi Su.  

Another Madam Wei’s niece, Wei Shi Ying came to visit.  Liu Mei Er does not get along with Wei Shi Ying.  FL wondered Madam Wei’s real intention of inviting Wei Shi Ying.  FL, Liu Mei Er and Wei Shi Ying went to Madam Xu’s courtyard for new year eve dinner.  Before the dinner start, Liu Mei Er and FL went out for a small talk.  When they got back to the hall, Wei Shi Ying was not there.  They went out to look for her.  FL and Duan Ying Lou saw Wei Shi Ying went into the courtyard that Ye Zi Su used to stay.  They went in and called her name.  No one answered.  Duan Ying Luo and FL hid themselves when they heard someone approaching.  It was Qi Yu Zhi.  Later, they heard Qi Yu Zhi crying and calling Ye Zi Su’s name.  Qi Yu Zhi looks very similar to ML.  FL felt her heart twitched.  Qi Yu Zhi noticed someone hiding and called out.  Wei Shi Ying came out.  Qi Yu Zhi rape Wei Shi Ying that night.  Not too long after that, there were people approaching and they saw what happened.  When Madam Xu saw what happened, she blamed it on Wei Shi Ying and asked Madam Wei to come to discuss what they should do.  Madam Wei did not come but sent her servant.  The servant came with a poison wine.  The servant said Wei Shi Ying has shamed the family and asked her to kill herself.  Wei Shi Ying drank half before it got smashed away by Qi Yu Zhi.  Qi Yu Zhi said he will take responsibility and marry Wei Shi Ying.  But Wei Shi Ying already got poisoned.  Madam Xu tried to save Wei Shi Ying as she does not want Qi Yu Zhi’s reputation to get tarnished.

FL ran out crying blaming herself for not saving Wei Shi Ying.  FL went to ask Madam Wei to save Wei Shi Ying.  But Madam Wei said it was Wei Shi Ying’s own fault.  FL got angry and scolded Madam Wei.  FL realised it was Madam Wei’s plot to destroy Qi Yu Zhi’s reputation using her own niece.  Madam Wei asked FL to pretend not to know anything.  When FL refused, she knocked FL down.  Duan Ying Lou realised that Madam Wei knows martial arts and a member of Xiu Luo Sect and is her senior. 

When FL woke up, she still blamed herself.  FL felt ashamed of her own action.  ML came to see FL in secret.  FL cried and told ML what had happened.  ML told FL not to blame herself.  ML explained that Wei Shi Ying was a willing party.  ML agreed that Madam Wei is real mastermind.  When ML looks at FL, he decided to marry her soonest possible.  ML went to see Madam Wei and their meeting did not end too well.

Madam Xu asked an elder to negotiate with Madam Wei to settle Wei Shi Ying’s problem.  Madam Xu said once Qi Yu Zhi married Ms Fang, she will arrange for Wei Shi Ying to marry Qi Yu Zhi as his concubine.  Madam Wei agreed and wanted ML to marry FL.  Madam Xu is the matriarch of the family and ML’s marriage need Madam Xu’s approval.  Madam Xu agreed. 

Qi Yu Zhi asked Madam Xu to give up her plan to topple ML.  Qi Yu Zhi told Madam Xu how he first met Ye Zi Su and his infatuation towards Ye Zi Su. 

FL and ML married at Hong Tai.  FL wanted them to be away from the Yong Zhou for both to adapt to each other lifestyle and to reach an agreement on how they want to live their future life.  ML wanted FL to take manage the household but FL suggested that they should first take control of Hong Luan’s upbringing.  Hong Luan is ML’s daughter with Ye Zi Su. 

Hong Luan was under the care of Zhen Niang. Zhen Niang fell in love at first when she first came to see Madam Wei.  Hong Luan likes Zhen Niang in their first meeting.  Zhen Niang overheard the quarrel between ML and Madam Wei at that time.  ML scolded Madam Wei involving in his marital problems.  ML said he will only take in a concubine if Ye Zi Su agrees.  Zhen Niang started to make friends with Ye Zi Su.  Not too long after that, Zhen Niang moved in to Qi Palace to become Hong Luan’s nanny and personal tutor.  Hong Luan was spoiled by Ye Zi Su and then by Zhen Niang.  Hong Luan does not know how to walk or talk even though she is already 6 years old. 

FL noticed that Zhen Niang was using Hong Luan to continue to stay on in Qi Palace.  FL tried to make some changes in Hong Luan’s life.  The progress was slow and Hong Luan started to walk and talk. 

Qi Yu Zhi married Fang Shao Qin.  Fang Shao Qin is very pretty and smart but her marriage was not happy.  A few months after her marriage, Qi Yu Zhi married Wei Shi Ying as his concubine.  Fang Shao Qin became good friends with FL and spent most of her time at FL’s residence. 

One day, FL noticed Fang Shao Qin’s low spirit.  Fang Shao Qin said Wei Shi Ying is 2 months pregnant.  FL went to see Madam Xu.  When Madam Xu heard that, she went mad and started to scold Wei Shi Ying.  FL noticed that Madam Xu mixed up two incidents together.  Madam Xu called Wei Shi Ning, a harlot but actually, she was scolding Madam Wei of seducing her husband many years ago.   

FL took Fang Shao Qin away for a short holiday from Yong Zhou.  They invited a few of their good friends as well.  FL asked Fang Shao Qin to think about what she wants to do with the rest of her life.  Their holiday cut short when they received news that the Empress Dowager passed away.  Fang Shao Qin and Qi Yu Zhi made up.  Not too long after that, Fang Shao Qin found herself pregnant. 

FL went into depression when she could not conceive.  FL was no longer cheerful and started to lose weight.  Everyone suggested ML to take in a concubine.  ML refused knowing that it will hurt FL.  ML still remembered there was once he got into an argument with FL because he put his arm on a hooker when he went for a drink with his brothers and uncles.  FL said if he ever looks at another woman, their relationship is over.  ML has started to change as well.  ML no longer used any servant girl when he takes a bath.  He either do it himself or FL is there to help him. 

One day, ML got upset with FL and left.  ML came home drunk.  Madam Wei asked one of the servant girls to go sleep with ML.  The servant girl changed her mind half-way and went to see FL to get her blessing.  The servant girl saw Zhen Niang entered ML’s room.  When FL saw the servant girl, she did not say anything.  Duan Niang told FL about Zhen Niang.  FL asked Duan Ying Lou to go with her to go to ML’s room.   FL wanted to find an excuse to leave ML. 

When FL got to ML’s room, she slowly realised how much she hurt ML and pushed him away.  ML doubted Zhen Niang’s words when she said it was FL who asked her to bring him the soup.  ML kicked Zhen Niang and reprimanded Si Pin for allowing Zhen Niang to enter his room.  FL and ML made up at last. Zhen Niang got sent away.

FL got to know the family history from Madam Zhao.  Madam Zhao narrated what happened in the past.  Madam Zhao said ML is just like his father and grandfather.  When they fell in love, they became bias towards everyone else.  Madam Zhao told FL the story about ML’s grandfather and ML’s father.  Madam Wei had three miscarriages before she gave birth to ML.  Madam Zhao and Cui Yi Niang got pregnant at the same time.    Madam Wei said she and Cui Yi Niang only slept with ML’s father once.  Later on, she found out that they were only a substitute.  When Madam Wei went into delivery, ML’s father asked the doctor to carry out a medical check on both Madam Zhao and Cui Yi Niang.  Cui Yi Niang got sent into the delivery room  and Madam Zhao sent back to her own room.  The next day, Madam Zhao heard that Cui Yi Niang and Madam Wei gave birth at the same time.  ML’s father claimed that Madam Wei’s son was born first.  Madam Zhao shocked because she knows Cui Yi Niang baby was not due for delivery yet.  Ever since that incident, Madam Zhao kept a low profile. 

Madam Zhao also told FL what happened the night Cui Yi Niang’s son, Qi Han died.  Qi Han said he was actually born before ML and got into a fight with ML.  ML got angry and did not turn up for the family dinner that night.  ML complained in the kitchen to cook that his father does not love him.  Out of anger, he said that he will only believe if his father passed him the duke title.  Madam Wei is a concubine and her son has no right to take over the title unless there is no male heir from the first wife.  Qi Han died due to poisoning that night and Cui Yi Niang killed herself.  ML’s father refused to put Qi Han into the ancestral record.  Madam Zhao accused of poisoning Qi Han and got locked in her room until ML became a Duke.  The first thing that ML did when he became a duke was to release Madam Zhao and allow her to move out of the Qi Residence to stay with her own son.  When Madam Wei first came to Qi Residence, Madam Xu faked ill and refused to drink Madam Wei’s tea.  Ever since that day, Madam Wei has never met Madam Xu even though they lived in the Qi Residence.  Madam Wei never attend any family dinner or gathering.  Madam Wei is a concubine and supposed to come under Madam Xu’s control.  But Madam Xu could not do anything to Madam Wei. 

ML became very happy when he saw the cheerful FL has returned.  FL asked ML to arrange for her to meet Gu Momo.  Gu Momo is a doctor specialised in woman’s reproductive system.  Gu Momo has been serving the Qi family for many years but got sent home after Ye Zi Su’s miscarriage.  When ML and FL first got married, ML asked Gu Momo to come back to work with him.  Gu Momo sent her niece, Zhou Momo instead.  It took a few times before ML managed to get Gu Momo to the Qi Residence.   Gu Momo scolded Zhou Momo secretly after she finished checking FL’s pulse.  FL could not conceive because of Zhou Momo.  Zhou Momo said she did it to take revenge on ML for what he did to Gu Momo.  She later changed the prescription but FL still could not conceive. 

Gu Momo did not tell ML the truth.  Gu Momo only mentioned that FL need to follow her prescription to improve her health before trying again.  Gu Momo also asked ML control his sexual drive a bit.  ML sent FL stay at Gu Momo’s village for short period for her body to recuperate while he goes to a war.

After staying in the village for a short while, one day Gu Momo said she needs to go outstation to visit a patient.  FL and her servants went to town to watch the autumn festival celebration.  FL shocked when she saw ML.  ML came to see FL in secret.   ML left after a passionate night with FL.  FL conceived that night.   FL hid her pregnancy from everyone until 3 months later.

When Madam Wei got to know FL became pregnant, she started to take action to prevent anyone else from harming her grandchild.  Madam Xu got a stroke when she heard that her great-grandson, Qi Fei got killed by Wei Shi Ying.  Madam Wei took over the control of the household management and stopped FL from coming to pay respect to Madam Xu on daily basis.  Madam Xu’s condition got worse and Qi Yu Zhi volunteered to look after Madam Wei with Fang Shao Qin.  Fang Shao Qin knows it is a trap but could not stopped Qi Yu Zhi.  They got trapped.  Madam Xu look despaired when she saw how her Qi Yu Zhi and Fang Shao Qin struggle to smuggle some of the items stolen by Madam Xu to buy medicine for her.  Madam Xu gave up living.  Madam Xu refused to eat and drink hoping to kill herself.  But Madam Wei refused to let Madam Xu died.  Madam Xu died due to suffocation.  Fang Shao Qin’s nanny claimed that it was Madam Xu who wanted her to do it so that Qi Yu Zhi and Fang Shao Qin can leave the Qi residence. 

FL gave birth to a son.  FL refused to listen and preferred to breast feed her own son.  Madam Wei was very happy and named her grandson, Qi Tun.  Madam Wei and ML was never closed.  Madam Wei saw FL looks after her son and regretted that she has never shared a close relationship with her own son.  Qi Tun loves his grandmother and started to learn kung fu from her when he was only 3 years old.

FL and ML’s love did not perish.  ML rather go to war after he rejected Emperor’s proposal to give him a princess as wife.   FL gave birth to another son and got pregnant again 6 months later.  Hong Luan fell in love with a merchant’s son.  ML disagreed at first but relented after FL persuaded him. 


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