乖宠 @枭宠 (Guai Chong @ Xiao Chong)

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No of Episodes : 99

Author :丁墨 (Ding Mo)

Female Voice: 银迪 (Yin Di)

Audiobook        Ebook


You will notice a similar trait in this book with 独家占有 (Du Jia Zhan You) – Exclusive Possession.  I like this book more.   There are lots of sex scenes in the book but got edited by Yin Di in the audiobook.


Su Mi (FL) time traveled from Earth to another planet called Hope City.  FL has no idea how she got there.  Ever since she got to this planet, she tried to stay alive.  One day, FL got surrounded by a group of hooligans.  Suddenly, a group of people wearing military uniform came.  They killed all the hooligans and left only one to pass the message back to the Gangster Boss.  The military soldiers led by a man called Shang Zheng (ML)

FL begged ML not to kill her.  ML said he never does any losing business.  FL offered herself to ML.  ML brought FL home.  FL got a thorough wash and waited for ML to sleep with her.  ML forced FL to take off her clothes and lie on the bed.  FL was a virgin.  ML used his finger to break FL’s hymen.  FL felt extremely humiliated with ML’s action.

The next day, the servant sent FL a gown.  The servant put make-up on FL and told her that ML wanted to bring her to a party.  FL could sense from the servant that this party will be the end of her life.  FL met You Mo Nian, Secretary of Commerce during the party.  An assassination on You Mo Nian’s life happened during the party.  FL blocked a shot for You Mo Nian.  FL already suspected that ML wanted to give her to You Mo Nian.  Before FL taken away, FL said softly to ML that she did not want a meaningless death.

You Mo Nian visited FL and offered to free her from ML.  FL rejected You Mo Nian’s offer and said she willingly stayed on with ML.  ML overheard their conversation.  After You Mo Nian left, ML asked FL what did she wants that You Mo Nian could not give her.  FL said she wants to fly to wherever she wants.

ML gave FL a fighter plane and arranged Luo Xi Rui to teach FL.  You Mo Nian visited FL a few times.   One month later, FL asked Luo Xi Rui to fly further.  FL hit Luo Xi Rui on his head and planned to escape to Free City (another planet).  FL managed to get You Mo Nian to give her a new set of identity to travel freely.  Unfortunately, Luo Xi Rui woke up, and set the flight to return to the original destination.

When the plane landed back at ML’s house, FL knew her ending is coming soon.  ML entered the plane and asked FL to show him how much she has learned.  If FL flies well, he will forgive her betrayal.  ML directed FL to fly to a space where there were lots obstruction.  The plane could get easily hit by meteor stones.  FL got a fright and understood that this was ML’s punishment for her.  FL wanted to run away after she heard from You Mo Nian that ML planned to give her to Zhou Shao Dong, an arm dealer.  According to news, the last girl who ML gave Zhou Shao Dong was found dead a few weeks later.

The servant told FL that ML has never intended to give FL to Zhou Shao Dong.  In fact, ML wanted to put FL under his employment.  FL realised her mistake and went to apologise to ML.  FL saw the torture room.  FL sworn her loyalty to ML.  ML sent FL to a flying academy to train her professionally to become an elite pilot.   FL agreed to ML’s challenge.

The Lieutenant Colonel (Lian Yu) rejected FL.  FL is a female and looks weak.  Lian Yu gave FL two options, FL can join the team if she wins a fight with one of his soldier or sleep with him.  FL picked the former.  Ling Zheng assigned to fight FL.  FL got beaten badly but she did not give up.  All the trainees turned up to watch the match.  FL lied that she was born in Lan Ge, the lowest and poorest area and how she blocked the shot for the Mayor and got a chance to come for training.  Everyone felt for FL.   Ling Zheng gave up the fight.

FL went through a tough 6 months training.  FL became good friends with Ling Zheng.  FL passed her assessment with flying colours.  FL and Ling Zheng went to patrol the border and got an attack from Chong Zu (Insect Clan).  Ling Zheng got beaten and FL suffered minor injuries.  Both survived.  Ling Zheng asked FL to become his girlfriend but got rejected, claiming she already has a boyfriend.

FL attended the commendation dinner and saw ML.  FL went to ML to ask for a dance.  Ling Zheng heard from his colleague that the soldiers did a lot of damage at Lan Ke area hence he thought FL wants to take revenge against ML.  Ling Zheng worried FL might get hurt.  Ling Zheng approached ML.  ML thought Ling Zheng came to snatch his woman.  There were tensions between two parties.  ML kissed FL passionately to show everyone that FL belongs to him.  FL told her colleagues that ML was her boyfriend.

FL went to ML’s house as instructed.  FL did not see ML.  The next morning FL left and decided to go find the place where she first woke up in Hope City.  FL woke up in an old coffin in a cave in Lan Ke area.  FL could not find the place.  A group of soldiers came with masks and protective attire wanting to arrest FL.

ML told FL she got infected by the Chong Zu species in her body.   Ling Zheng already got infected.  The eggs in Ling Zheng’s body already hatched and morphing into an Alien Species.   ML showed FL the dead bodies eaten by the Alien Species.  ML said there were 15 eggs in her body, luckily not hatched.  FL asked ML to kill her because she did not want die ugly and in gruesome pain.  FL asked ML to tell her if he ever finds Earth even though she has died.  ML took a pistol and open a shot at FL.

FL woke up in a freezer.  Assistant Mu told FL they kept her in the freezer to freeze the eggs in her body.  ML took FL to a place to cure FL.  When ML and FL got back, they got surrounded by You Mo Nian and his soldiers.  You Mo Nian said ML impersonated Shang Zheng.  FL got a shock.  The real identity of ML is Meng Xi Cong, the Commander of the Mercenary Soldiers.  ML and Assistant Mu got arrested and locked up.  FL told You Mo Nian she hated ML.  FL went to the cell to pretend to kill ML.  FL asked ML quietly how to get help for him and in return, she wants her freedom.  ML rejected FL’s offer.  Assistant Mu came to stop FL.

FL left and passed a message to Li Xi Zhong.  Li Xi Zhong told FL that they already got news about ML and will rescue ML and Assistant Mu.  Li Xi Zhong asked FL to leave with him.  FL refused.  ML is very powerful.  ML negotiated with the United President to give him Free City and in return, he will pay his allegiance to the human and the United Nation.  ML surprised when he heard FL refused to return to him.  ML told his staff he will give FL 6 months of freedom.

FL continued on as one of the soldiers in the Phoenix Air Forces.  FL is now leading her own team and her job is to explore new places for resources.  The United  team and the Mercenary team competing with each other to see who manages to find the resources.  The Mercenary team often played dirty.  FL set a trap for them.  Er Qiu and his friend fell into FL’s trap.  Er Qiu felt humiliated and took revenged by causing trouble at other areas.

FL got reprimanded for disturbing the peace between  the United Nation and the Mercenary Nation.  Things have changed a lot since ML took over Free City.  There were few top military officers left to follow ML.  Lian Yu was one of them.  FL’s supervisor asked FL to apologise to Er Qiu.

FL went to Free city with 4 of her staffs.  FL did not see Er Qiu but meet with Er Qiu’s supervisor.  FL’s apology accepted.  FL’s staff wanted to enjoy the city before they went home.  FL agreed.  They went to a bar for drinks.  One of FL’s staff got beaten by Er Qiu.  Er Qiu claimed that FL’s staff took his woman.  Er Qiu wanted to harm FL.  A woman named Li Zi stopped Er Qiu.  Li Zi suggested a game to decide the outcome.

FL agreed.  FL won the first game.  Li Zi lost and took off her outer clothes.  FL won again and this time Er Qiu lost.  Er Qiu also took off his clothes.  FL lost the third game.  FL refused to take off her jacket but got pressured to do so.  All the men in the bar could not take their eyes of FL’s body after she took off her coat.  FL wanted to continue with the game but got interrupted by ML.  FL shocked when she saw ML.  ML offered to play the fourth round of the game on FL’s behalf.  ML won. Er Qiu and Li Zhi left the bar naked. FL asked her staff to go back first.

ML took FL to a room upstairs.  ML asked FL to come back to him, and he will bring her to find Earth.  FL got tempted and asked ML what he wants as exchange.  ML stunned because he forgot his own motto.  ML asked what could FL gives him.  ML was about to have sex with FL but got interrupted.  ML locked FL in the room and left.  FL’s staff came to rescue FL.  FL’s staff said they got help from Li Zhi and Er Qiu.  FL saw there were soldiers everywhere looking for her.  FL told her staff to go home without her.  FL said she has decided to resign to join the mercenary soldiers.  FL went to see Er Qiu and Li Zi.  FL asked them to become her partners.  Er Qiu and Li Zi can take her share of the profit.

ML found a new planet full of resources and inhabited by human.  ML thought this planet was Earth.  ML instructed his team to explore this planet.  Er Qiu and Li Zi won the project.

After FL found out,  she went to Lian Yu to ask him to arrange a meeting for her with ML.  FL waited in a room, and then she overheard the conversation between Assistant Mu and Lian Yu.  Assistant Mu said they abducted the leader of this new planet.  The leader is a woman and was in the next room.  FL peeped into the room next door and saw ML and the naked woman on the bed.  FL’s heart ache and left.

FL asked Li Zi to help her to get to the new planet.  FL wants to get there before anyone else as she suspected this could be Earth.  Li Zi got captured and told ML that FL has gone to the new planet.

FL saw Great Wall of China and people on this planet wore ancient clothing.  FL thought she has gone back to 1000 years ago.  FL found something weird about this planet.  There were no plants or animals.  FL got injured badly.  ML saved FL.  ML told FL that the planet occupied by Robot.  ML instructed his people to take all the resources from the planet and destroyed it.

The doctor said FL would need a month to recover.  ML waited till a month later to sleep with FL.  ML agreed FL to work but must come home every day.  Er Qiu could not understand why FL still wants to work.  FL was feeling insecure as she did not know when ML will kick her out after ML got tired of her.  ML noticed FL’s happy mood ever since she went back to work and seems even happier when she heard him going away for a business trip.   ML forced FL to go with him.

FL got extremely upset with ML but gave up fighting when she arrived at the destination.  ML introduced FL to Jian Mu An, the man who groomed ML as the Mercenary Leader.  Jian Mu An likes playing tricks on ML.  ML warned FL not to get too close to Jian Mu An.  FL got bored after a few days and ML arranged for FL to go home.  FL changed her mind when she heard there will be a party, and it was very common for girls given to soldiers for sex.  FL wanted to find out whether ML could easily be seduced.  FL fell into Jian Mu An’s trap.  FL fainted.  Jian Mu An got his servant to dress- up FL and put make up on her.

During the party, Jian Mu An put the sleeping FL in front of ML covered with a screen.  Jian Mu An told ML that this girl arranged specially for him.  ML announced that he has no interest and gave the girl to one of his soldiers.  Jian Mu An stopped ML and warned him to think again.  ML realised at last Jian Mu An’s dirty tricks.  ML took back his words and took FL away.

FL asked ML why he insisted on keeping her with him.  ML confessed that he loves FL.  FL left the next day.  The Chong Zu clan started a war.  FL’s plane got hit and went missing.  ML attacked back.  FL got saved by Rebecca, a doctor from the United Nation.  FL and Rebecca got captured by the Chong Zu.  FL met Carlo who is also the famous Zhou Shou Dong.  With Carlo’s help FL managed to escape.  FL went to investigate a bungalow guarded by the royal guards.  FL saw Ling Zheng.  Ling Zheng has turned blind.  The Chong Zu Queen (Dai Bi) fell in love with Ling Zheng and forced him to marry her.  Ling Zheng negotiated Queen Dai Bi) to free FL, and he will marry her.

Queen Dai Bi agreed but changed her mind after she realised FL is ML’s lover.  Queen Dai Bi used FL to threaten ML to surrender.  ML rejected the proposal. There were 4 planes that got freed by Queen Dai Bi.  After they heard Queen Dai Bi’s threat, three planes took a suicidal crash.  FL was in the fourth plane, and she also agreed with ML’s decision.  FL has no grievance against ML.  FL did the same, but her plane did not crash at the meteor rock.  The meteor rock came alive and seems to understand FL’s instruction.  FL asked the meteor rock to help ML.  ML won the war against the Chong Zu Clan.

Ling Zheng told Queen Dai Bi that he would not leave her.  Ling Zheng killed himself in front of Queen Dai Bi. Ling Zheng asked Queen Dai Bi to stop war before he died.  Queen Dai Bi agreed to become a hostage queen to prevent her people from revolting.

ML’s heart broke when he first heard about FL’s plane crash.  So when ML saw FL again, he swore that he will never put FL’s life in danger again.  ML insisted that they get marry straight away.  Assistant Mu said he needed 1 month to make the wedding arrangement.

One month later, ML and FL have a grand wedding.  After the wedding, they went on a honeymoon.  FL was not happy that ML is too controlling.

After the honeymoon, ML brought FL to visit the latest planet that his people found.  When they touched the crystal in this new planet, they could see the past and the future.  ML and FL became worried.  After they got home, ML started to plan for the future.  ML got FL a job as a flight Trainer.

One year later…

FL got pregnant.  Their home got attacked by Robots.  ML lost and surrendered.  ML forced to sign a declaration to submit to the Robot.  Carlo turned into a traitor.  Many million years ago, the Robot Empire perished after the attack from a hybrid clan of human and robot called Xu Ti Ren Lei.   A group of Robot soldier led by Xing Yi escaped and wondering in the galaxy looking for home.  Carlo was one of the Robot Soldiers sent to find a home for the Robot.  Carlo arrived at Eternal Galaxy and emulated a human called Zhou Shou Dong for many years.  When Carlo received a signal from the mothership, his robot body got activated.  Carlo sent a signal back to Xing Yi.

ML got beaten badly by Xing Yi and sent home.  Carlo’s real name is Xing Qi Lin.  Xing Qi Lin owed his life to ML hence, he tried to save him.  FL cried when she saw ML.  When Xing Yi heard about FL and the meteor stone, his curiosity peaked.   Xing Yi instructed his staff to group all the pregnant women together to kill.  They brought all the pregnant women to a hospital.  FL escaped and bumped into Lin Qi, a mercenary soldier.  FL made a mistake.  Lin Qi is actually the human that Xing Yi emulated.  Xing Yi got attracted to FL.  ML saved FL.

FL got abducted again by Xing Yi.  Xing Yi brought FL to the meteor stone and asked FL to activate the stone.  FL refused.  Xing Yi bombed the stone and commented that the stone were actually robot from the 1st Generation.  Xing Yi imprisoned FL in his house.  ML got captured and beaten in public as punishment.  Xing Qi Lin did not dare to tell ML the where about of FL.  FL tried to run away many times but failed.  FL realised Xing Yi was playing a game with her.  Xing Qi Lin advised Xing Yi not to sleep with FL because of her condition.  Xing Qi Lin thought it was safer for FL to stay with Xing Yi and ML will eventually forget about FL and remarry someone else in the future.

When FL heard that ML got humiliated in public and injured badly, FL went into labour.  FL gave birth to a son, she named Meng Yao.  When Xing Yi saw the baby, he wanted to claim the baby as his.  FL begged Xing Yi not to harm her son.  FL got a message via her doctor that ML asked her wait for his rescue.

Xing Yi suspected FL got news from her treating doctor.  Xing Yi changed FL’s doctor and servants to Robot.  One day, FL went out shopping and saw ML.  Xing Yi got very angry and almost rape FL.  Luckily Xing Qi Lin arrived to save FL.  Xing Yi separated FL from her son.   When Xing Yi attempted to rape FL again, FL threatens to kill herself.  Xing Yi stopped.  This time, Xing Qi Lin brought a pretty girl and suggested Xing Yi to sleep with the girl instead.  Xing Yi did as suggested, but he still could not put FL out of his mind.

Xing Yi instructed his staff to put ML in the front line battle with the Orc to kill him.  ML died of stabbing, and gun shots.  ML woke up again as Xing Yao, the Robot Prince.

Xing Qi Lin worried FL might influence Xing Yi’s decision, and now that ML has died, he secretly arranged FL to leave Xing Yi.   FL found out from Xing Qi Lin that ML passed away and refused to leave.  Xing Qi Lin persuaded FL to leave first and promised to bring FL’s son to her later.

ML went to see Xing Yi and Xing Qi Lin.  Since ML is the royal Prince, Xing Yi has no choice but to submit to him.  ML pretended that he only heard about FL and her son during the meeting.  ML suggested Xing Qi Lin to bring FL back.  ML met his son for the first time.

ML went to see Jian Mu An in the body of Meng Xi Cong.  Jian Mu An and ML’s supporters happy to see ML still alive.  ML told Xing Qi Lin his real identity and wanted Xing Qi Lin to help him.  Since ML is also a Robot, Xing Qi Lin agreed to help with the condition that ML not to kill Xing Yi.

ML apologised to the public and announced his alliance with the human, orc and Zhong Ju Clan to live peacefully.  ML killed Lin Qi and erased the memory of FL from Xing Yi’s memory.

FL got abducted and this time by the Xu Ti Ren Lei Clan led by Gu Yu Qing.  Gu Yu Qing told FL that Hope Planet was once known as Earth.  FL understood at last why, she could not find Earth.  FL puzzled how she woke up millions of years later.   When the human failed in their fight with the Robot, they evolved into a partial human and robot to win their war against the Robot.  Gu Yu Qing and his team left Earth many millions years ago to chase after Xing Yi.

FL and Gu Yu Qing got news that ML has won the war and everything was back in order.  FL offered to find out for Gu Yu Qing.  FL went home and saw ML sitting on the floor playing with their son.  FL reunited with her family at last.  FL told ML about Gu Yu Qing.

ML asked Jian Mu An to host the visit for Gu Yu Qing and his staff to visit all the planets at Eternal Galaxy.  Gu Yu Qing surprised to see the human, robot, orc and Zhong Ju live peacefully together.

ML met Gu Yu Qing the next day.  Gu Yu Qing carried a detector and found out ML is actually a Robot.  Both started to fight.  FL came and ML stopped.  Gu Yu Qing understood at last why ML did what he did.  Gu Yu Qing requested to scan ML’s memory bank to check whether ML was sincere with what he said.  ML agreed.

5 years later…

FL gave birth to a daughter, she named Meng Fang 3 years ago.  ML kept his Robot identity a secret from FL.  ML knows FL will grow old and die one day.  ML started his plan to turn FL into a robot like him after FL dies.

Many many millions years ago on Earth….

FL was a flight student and engaged to ML.  When the Robot came to conquer Earth, FL got killed.  ML took out a crystal from his chest and put it into FL.  ML asked his soldier to erase FL’s memory of ML and got them to swear that they will protect FL.  ML went to see his brother to stop him from attacking Earth.  ML’s brother got disappointed with ML.  ML’s brother got rid of ML and threw him into a black hole for many million years.

It was fate for ML to meet and fall in love with FL again.

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