他与月光为邻 (Ta Yu Yue Guang Wei Lin) – Star-Drift

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No of Episodes : 136

Author :丁墨 (Ding Mo)

Female Voice: 铁匠有声 (Tie Jiang You Sheng)

Audiobook       Ebook


This is my the third sci-fi book authored by Ding Mo.  Too bad, the producer did not include the side stories in the audiobook.


FL (Xie Jin Zhi) is a librarian.  FL met ML (Ying Han Shi) at a temple.  FL saw something bizarre in the library the night before.  Even though FL is an atheist, she went to see an astrologer, hoping to find an answer.  FL thought ML went to the temple for free vegetarian meal.  FL offered a pastry to ML before she walked away.  ML overheard FL’s conversation with the astrologer and offered his help.  FL thought ML was a swindler, and she left quickly.

FL asked her brother whether a computer can activate itself and come alive.  FL’s brother explained that it got infected by virus or controlled by another party just like how a robot works.  FL could not find a reasonable explanation for what she saw in the library.  FL’s colleague, Ran Yu called FL to say that she overlooked to close one of the windows and asked FL to do her a favour.  FL stays near the library, but she reluctant to go there at night.  But FL agreed at last.

FL went and everything seems normal except she saw wet footsteps near the closed window.  FL noticed few machines got moved.  FL told her boss the next day, but her boss did not believe her.

FL told her colleagues, Ran Yu and Zhuang Chong.  Three of them decided to go back to the library at night to investigate.  Ran Yu waited at the security room with the guards.  FL and Zhuang Chong went to the library and saw computers came alive and started to attack them.   ML came to save them.  Zhuang Chong got hit and fainted.  ML took FL home and went back to clean up the scene.  When FL woke up, she noticed her house was clean and tidy.  FL and her colleagues told their boss what happened but their boss refused to believe them.

FL’s brother came to see FL.  They went out for dinner.  FL’s brother said anything is possible and told FL the raining season at Jiang City was actually artificial.  FL did not want to give ML’s telephone number to her brother.  FL saw ML walking into the restaurant.  FL told her brother, ML is very shy.  ML sent a message to FL asking her to stay back to meet with him.

FL’s brother left earlier.  ML suggested to FL to talk in his car.  ML told FL, he overlooked to clean FL’s mobile phone.  FL asked ML to tell her the truth.  ML refused.  ML sent FL home and on the way, they saw a car got submerged in flood.  ML went to help.  Another car came.  A man walked out and went to help.  The man told his daughter to wait for him in the car.   After a while, the girl got out from the car and ran towards her father.  FL saw a lorry was about to hit the girl.  FL ran over to push the girl aside.  FL thought she would get hit by the lorry.  Suddenly, ML came to help.

FL noticed ML has pointed ears, and a tail.  ML told FL he is an Alien.  FL’s leg bleed.  ML took FL to his house nearby.  FL met ML’s Robot Servant, Xiao Qiong Yan.  ML told FL he came from a planet called Hu Die Planet.  ML wants to spend the rest of his life peacefully on Earth.

Zhuang Chong idolized ML after he saved him and FL.  Zhuang Chong purposely deactivated ML’s library card and sent him a notice to get ML to come to the library to replace his card.  ML met FL again.  Even though FL likes ML, she knows it is not possible to start a relationship with an Alien.

FL received a letter from her pen pal who works as a Teacher in Yi Lan Mountain.  FL’s pen pal (Nie Chu Hong) invited FL to visit him.  After what FL experienced, she needs to go for a holiday.  When Zhuang Chong heard FL is going to Yi Lan Mountain, he wants to follow.

FL and Zhuang Chong arrived at the remote village in Yi Lan Mountain.  FL met Nie Chu Hong and another Teacher, named Gu Ji Sheng.  Gu Ji Sheng was a bit cold towards FL at first.  FL did not know that ML and Xiao Qiong Yan are also at Yi Lan Mountain.  ML found out, there are Aliens appeared at Yi Lan Mountain.  Nie Chu Hong arranged FL to stay with a widow and her son.

FL woke up and realised that Xiao Jie (widow’s son) went missing.  FL and her friends went to the forest to look for Xiao Jie.  FL found Xiao Jie in a cave tied up.  FL remembered on their way to Yi Lan Mountain, the driver told them, there are outlaw trafficking goods at the border.  When FL was about to leave the cave, a group of men came.  FL whispered ML’s name for help.  ML came and saved FL.

Nie Chu Hong invited ML to stay with them.  FL moved to stay at the school.  ML told them he is investigating news related to supernatural.  All of them decided to follow ML to the forest the next day.  They saw many miniature robots and a big robot.  The big robot claimed that he is at the end of his life and asked ML to protect all the small robots.  The big robot wanted to bury facing the sky.  While they were busy burying the robot, a group of gangsters came.

The gangster burned some leaves to make everyone faint.  ML is an Alien and immune to the poison.  ML kissed FL to wake her up.  ML and FL saw Gu Ji Sheng also woke up.  Gu Ji Sheng killed the gangster.  But the gangster head escaped.  Gu Ji Sheng is a Nami Robot.  Gu Ji Sheng surprised when he heard ML’s real name.  ML is Xing Liu, a famous General who died early.  Gu Ji Sheng submitted to ML.  ML told Gu Ji Sheng, he was here to protect the wafer from getting into the bad people’s hand.  Gu Ji Sheng asked ML to allow him to keep the wafer for a few days until the gangster’s head get caught.  ML agreed.

ML asked FL whether she has any secret to tell him.  ML noticed FL’s talent of knowing what was coming.  Before FL says anything, ML noticed something unusual and left to investigate.   The gangster head kidnapped Xiao Jie and came to threaten Gu Ji Sheng.  FL warned Gu Ji Sheng not to leave the protective screen made by ML.  FL told everyone that she could see short glimpses of the future.  FL saw Gu Ji Sheng died.  Gu Ji Sheng could not stand Xiao Jie’s crying for help.  Gu Ji Sheng went out against FL’s advice.  The gangster head, Xiao Jie and Xiao Jie’s mother were actually impersonated by robots.   They killed Gu Ji Sheng and stole the wafer.  Xiao Qiong Yan managed to repair Gu Ji Sheng body but his mental alertness deteriorated into a child’s level. 

After FL returned to Jiang city, she avoided ML.  FL saw glimpses of intimate moments with ML.  ML knows his own feelings and swore his loyalty to FL.  Even though FL has also fallen in love with ML, she did not dare to take that extra step.  ML invited FL and Zhuang Cong to visit his spaceship parked under the sea.  ML needed more advance equipment from his ship to find other wafers. 

ML found three colleagues in another space ship.  One of them is Lin Jie who is love with ML.  ML asked Lin Jie to teach FL how to fly the spaceship while he teaches Zhuang Cong.  Lin Jie finds FL not fit as ML’s lover.  Lin Jie told FL, ML’s past and how much he had suffered.  When FL sees ML again, she could not stop herself from kissing ML.  ML asked FL whether the kiss indicates her acceptance to become his woman.  FL refused to give any promises.   

ML and FL started a relationship.  ML said he is going away for an assignment.  FL misses ML and decided to give her commitment to ML.  FL wrote her commitment on a card.  FL took leave from work to join ML.  Xiao Qiong Yan told everyone that they found a clue on another wafer.  But this wafer is in another world which is similar to Earth but on a different dimension.   

During the transition to the other dimension, FL saw the future how she died.  FL distanced herself from ML.  FL did not want ML to live a lonely life after she died.  ML noticed the changes on FL.  ML continued to love FL.  FL’s heart soften and agreed to face the future with ML.   

They found the wafer in the hands of the Shen.  They met a scientist called Fu Cong Si.  The Shen tricked them and planned to kill them.  A woman covering in dark appeared to help them to escape.  Fu Cong Si told them that the original owner of the wafer is not the Shen but another Alien called Mu Yan who came from Ao Ti Planet.  The Shen killed Mu Yan and stole his wafer.  

They tied up Shen Jian Meng to use him to find his father, Shen Yuan Qian. Shen Yuan Qian tried to run away when he realised, he lost.  The woman in black snatched the wafer from Shen Yuan Qian.  Shen Yuan Qian got surrounded by a group of men who look exactly like Mu Yan.  Mu Yan warned them, he came from a clan with everlasting life.  Even though Mu Yan died, his spirit lives on.  The Mu Yan soldiers manifested from rocks and their purpose is to take revenge.  ML and FL saw the Mu Yan soldiers harming innocent people.  They used computer to interact with the Mu Yan’s spirit.  The woman in black (Qing Zhi) suddenly appeared.  Mu Yan apologised to Qing Zhi and asked her to live on bravely.  Qing Zhi agreed and left.  Mu Yan stopped his soldiers from harming others. 

Qing Zhi is a loner.  Qing Zhi’s parents find Qing Zhi weird because she can disappear and appear suddenly.  Qing Zhi did not have a happy childhood.  Qing Zhi’s parents got separated when she was a child and then she got abandoned by her mother.  Qing Zhi supported herself by stealing.   

Fu Cong Si told ML that his planet is not stable.  There was prediction there will be a big flood coming from the sky.  ML wanted to help.  ML suggested that they open another crack in the sky to direct the water away from the planet.  ML needed FL’s energy to complete the mission.  Qing Zhi kidnapped FL.  FL saw Qing Zhi’s face.  Qing Zhi looks exactly like FL.  Qing Zhi told FL, she has promised Mu Yan to live on and she envied FL’s life.  Qing Zhi wants to become FL.  ML noticed the difference and went to save FL.  FL realised Qing Zhi has no intention to harm her. 

Qing Zhi used her energy to open the crack but it was not stable. Qing Zhi got washed away.  FL and ML got injured.   FL and ML went home.  ML went into a coma.  FL told ML, she is willing to give herself to ML.  When ML woke up, he went straight to look for FL. ML and FL became lovers.  

News about ML is an Alien got spread on the internet.  ML’s house got surrounded by the press and admirers.  FL almost got kidnapped by Nami Robot sent by the Rebel soldiers.  ML saved Bai Zi Chen before.  Bai Zi Chen wanted to use ML to bring fame to himself.  Bai Zi Chen waited for ML to look for him and he recruited gangster to capture ML.  ML broke Bai Zi Chen’s leg and erased all his records from the computer.  Xiao Qiong Yan used Bai Zi Chen’s identity to send out an apology note to the public claiming the alien news was fake.  

FL wants to go away for a short holiday with ML.  Xiao Qiong Yan suggested a place in Yunnan. ML wants to marry FL but, realised he could not marry FL officially because he has no valid identity on Earth.  

It was not a peaceful holiday for FL and ML.  They found out some of the villagers mutated into wolf due to the radiation leaked from the rebel’s mother ship.  FL and ML managed to save most of the infected villagers. ML tracked down the rebel soldiers.  

FL’s colleague, Ran Yu fell in love with a homeless man and that man turned out as the Rebel Head, named Lin.  ML and Lin went into battle.  Lin lost.  Lin told ML his reason for stealing the wafer.  Lin found a small planet to start a new home for his people.  Lin invited ML to join him.  ML rejected.  ML said the planet is too small and once Lin has enough resources, Lin will want to conquer Earth.   Lin failed to convince ML.  Lin showed his true power.  Lin and the Yao Ri Emperor got merged into one from the radiation effect.  Yao Ri Emperor overpowered Lin inside.  Yao Ri Emperor took over the body of Lin. Yao Ri Emperor has the highest power when it comes to fighting.  ML lost to Yao Ri Emperor.  FL used her power to save ML but got captured by Yao Ri Emperor.  FL stole the wafer and the genes that Yao Ri Emperor stored to start a new empire in the new planet.  Yao Ri Emperor asked ML to return them to him to exchange FL.  

ML asked FL’s brother for help.  ML created a fake dimension to make the Yao Ri Emperor believes that he has successfully got what he wanted and left.  But ML did not expect that someone could jeopardise his plan.  FL got stranded in the imaginary dimension.   

ML took 7 years to bring FL back to the real world.     

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